PUMA Extreme

Date posted on August 9, 2017
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This is actually the third version of Mini Puma and the owner Puma de Guzman is now calling this a full custom Puma Extreme Concept, the first in the Philippines.

He wanted a concept that has never been seen in different bike shows in the country as he wanted to be unique and creative in his own way. He does not think of himself as one of the top modifiers but he is very proud in presenting his creation. Puma started joining bike shows in 2014 and as of present time has won 400+ trophies. He has toured the different areas of Northern Luzon including Laoag, Vigan, La Union, Pangasinan, Tarlac, Quirino and Pampanga. In fact, Mini Puma was awarded a Hall of Famer of the North recognition in one of the events that they attended. This concept is not your usual modified Mio Soul.

Initially, the owner used a Mio Soul i 115 base, but has now changed it to a Thai-based TTX 115. In a chat with InsideRACING Magazine, owner Puma de Guzman had this to say: “Hello everyone and all the Mini Puma supporters. It’s been more than a year since Mini Puma Version 1 was published in one of the most prestigious magazines in Philippines, InsideRACING Magazine. Throughout the years this copy of mine gave me a lot of motivation to continue and never stop chasing my dreams. Through those inspirations, I released again my very own Mini Puma Version 2. I never failed to amaze people and got everyone’s attention every time, especially in the motor show events that I attended. To all the Mini Puma supporters who continue to support my passion to inspire people – my humble respect to you all. Thank you so much with all my heart. God bless everyone. Mini Puma was built to inspire not to impress. Follow your passion and make it happen. May this Mini Puma bike inspire each and every one of you. Thank you so much to God. Special thanks to this group of people who never stop believing, supporting, and trusting me: Mio Soul Nation/North PH, H2O Graphics PH, Taknaydamo Legit PH, 5J Customs, Run17s Productions, The Boss, Rockstar Events, VIP Productions, Team jfx, Mcmotorworkz, Team Pioneer, Team Puma, Team Northpride, Team Mimo, Team 827 Custom Decals, Team lumcpfs, Team jj, Team Ariz, Team Islaw, Team Gomez Ban, Team js garage, Team fi Mindanao, Team SoulgtClub Indonesia and InsideRACING magazine for giving me the chance again to showcase my very own Puma extreme concept.”

Modifications Listing:

Full body parts hydrocarbon graphics and all paint

front fully setup proarm with custom emblem.

Yamaha genuine ttx handle gauge assembly kit Thailand

Yamaha ttx helmet hook Thai

Yamaha bullbars front,side,rear Thai

Yamaha stainless matting Thai

Yamaha headlight cover Thai

Yamaha signal lights cover Thai

Yamaha ttx Thai visor Thai

Rare handy fire extinguisher from Taiwan.

Rare KOSO Rpm/voltmeter

KOSO handle grip. Domino switches Thailand

Yamaha genuine Chrome side mirror Thailand

Racing Boy brake master

Nibbi quick throttle

Yamaha genuine brake lever bolt cap Thailand

Enzo Caliper cover Thailand

Racing Boy rotor disk

Led lights/underglow

Yamaha genuine Ignition cover Thailand

Yamaha genuine footrest Thailand