R150 Pride of Urbiztondo

Date posted on February 7, 2018
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A motorcycle rider since age 15, Angelito Brian Catungal of Urbiztondo, Pangasinan considers his heavily modified Suzuki Raider R150, named Ponkan, as his most prized possession.

His penchant for modifying his bike started when one time he chanced upon a motor show that was happening near his school campus. It then got him curious to see a contest of that kind in his area and he actually enjoyed it very much as he was amazed by the wonderfully modified motorcycles that he saw. This was the trigger that made him promise to himself that he will not be limited to being just part of the audience but that someday he will also receive those awards and be the overall champion. Upon reaching legal age, he got his driving license and his father bought him a Suzuki Raider R150 and that further reignited the fire in his heart and rekindled his passion in finally joining a motor show. It took him only a couple of months when he started to modify his bike with the help of his father, Mr. Nestor Catungal and his sisters Brenda, Evangeline and Joan most especially in the financial part of things. Mr. Benjamin Raymundo, a longtime friend and also a motorcycle enthusiast and a motor shop owner also played a big part as most of the parts installed on Ponkan came from him.

The name Ponkan was derived from the orange colored fruit which is actually the most dominant and obvious color in his motorbike’s theme. Almost all of the parts are color orange including the rim, rear set, brake and clutch levers, telescopic fork, hub, pipe and even the smallest bolts and the paint scheme. He also added more chrome to accentuate the overall look of his bike.

When he felt that he was ready, there was no stoppingAngelito in joining motor shows, with Ponkan in tow of course. He immediately made his presence felt in his area by racking up trophies after trophies and it was during that time that he was so successful that he already received several invitations to compete in out of town shows. In spite of all the accolades, plaques, trophies, and sometimes even cash, none of them mattered too much to Angelito as it was the people that looked amazed and are inspired by his creation that is more important to him. Seeing those people in awe and taking pictures of his bike already gives a winning feeling to him and he even got to make a few friends when making his rounds in joining motor shows. What he is presently doing is encouraging his friends to engage in a project bike such as his.

With such a beautiful bike that already screams attention and respect, it is refreshing to know that none of the accolades matter to Angelito as inspiring people and making them happy is still considered by as the bigger accomplishment.


With such a beautiful bike that already screams attention and respect, it is refreshing to know

that none of the accolades matter to Angelito as inspiring people and making them happy

is still considered by him as the bigger accomplishment.

 There was no stopping Angelito in joining motor shows, with

Ponkan in tow.



  • Racing Boy handlebar
  • Racing Boy handgrip
  • Racing Boy brake lever
  • Racing Boy clutch lever
  • Racing Boy stabilizer
  • Racing Boy steering damper
  • Racing Boy brake hose holder
  • Racing Boy clutch arm release
  • Racing Boy brake fluid reservoir
  • Racing Boy oil cap cover
  • Trusty telescopic fork
  • BKK rim
  • KTechHUb
  • Thailand lighten disc
  • Sinnob sprocket
  • DK Allen bolts
  • Racing monkey brake fluid cap
  • CNC handlebar center nut
  • Tupakman magneto cover
  • SPS brake hose
  • KTech swing arm
  • Option 1 rear set
  • Demon eye projector
  • Noiwatdan seat
  • Engine port n polish
  • Highcom Racing Cdi-BRT 30mm
  • SWR carburetor
  • EDZ Pipe
  • Gekko tire