RCB : Stay Healthy Ride Safe

Date posted on June 6, 2020
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As countries start to open up restricitions and businesses start to operate again, the need for daily personal protection is now paramount.

Face masks are the basic self protection that the government is requiring and those who cannot avail resort to DIY masks.

Racing Boy has answered the call to provide protective masks to its clients and fans. It is both waterproof and non flammable.

However it is not meant to be used as replacement for medical or surgical protective masks.

Racing Boy will also ensure that its dealers, shops and mechanics have access to protective masks that can be used in the “new normal” way of doing things to aid them in their operations.

Non Flammable filter

If you are a rider and a Racing Boy fan, wouldn’t it be cool that you are also wearing a Racing Boy face mask?

Contact yout favorite Racing Boy Dealer.

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