Racing Boy (RCB): Over two decades of passion for quality & competition

Date posted on April 6, 2021
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Racing Boy is the brainchild of Meng Kah Auto Parts Trading Sdn Bhd. Incorporated in 1998, with the core business of importing and distributing motorcycle parts and accessories.

Originally based in Malaysia, Racing Boy produces high quality and stylish products by their very own in-house designing, testing, developing and manufacturing teams. With thousands of local authorized dealers in Malaysia, Racing Boy also has main distributors overseas such as Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bermuda, Greece, France, Australia, Philippines and more.

Racing Boy Philippines headed by Mr. Bob Lu, is based in Sta. Maria, Bulacan since its establishment in 2007. It initially gained popularity in Bulacan and Manila before eventually expanding to the rest of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. It is now an important partner of RCB Malaysia and is heavily involved in the product reasearch and development.

They also have won international awards such as the “Asia Pacific Top Excellence Award” in 2012, “Asia Success Award” in 2011 as “Super Golden Product“. In 2013, to further solidify their presence as an internationl performance parts and accessories manufacturer, Racing Boy rebranded itself as “RCB“.

Over the years, Racing Boy has become one of the most recognized brand in the industry and has become a part of the rider’s lifestyle on and off track. Their involvement in motorsports paved the way in the advancement of the robustness of their products as it is subjected to rigorous testing under racing environment.

The quality and workmanship of ther products are outstanding that racing teams use Racing Boy parts and attain significant improvement on the track. This has prompted top motorcycle manufacturers such as Yamaha and Honda to partner with them  in motorsports and product testing & development.

Racing Boy is one of the official sponsor of the Yamaha Factory Racing Team for the MotoGP since 2013 up until now, also the Petronas Sepang Racing Team. Last 2019, Honda Racing Corporation also Signed RCB as one of their sponsors.

Racing Boy also sponsors race events such as the Asia Road Race Championship(ARRC) and the Petronas Cub Prix.

Racing Boy remains to be a top contributor as sponsor for local riders, teams and many local race events.

RCB was one of the first partners of MotoIR way back in 2012 during the championships inception and until the last 2019 season.

MotoIR Championships

RCB is also a permanent sponsor of the Inside Racing Grand Prix ( IRGP) for 13 years straight years and also of the Super Series Nationwide Championships since the first season in 2016 until the most recent 2019 season.

Super Series Nationwide Championships

RCB is also a big supporter of the local Yamaha GP and Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup.

They also supported and continue to do many other local race events, teams and riders both at the grassroots, regional and national levels like the RUGP, Repsol Road Race, TSR and Turbo Drag Racing.

Yamaha GP
Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup

Aside from race events, RCB is also a fixture in local customized bikeshows both big and small. At the regular InsideRacing Bike Festival and Tradeshow (IRBFTS), their booth is always the most anticipated where riders line up to get exclusive deals, early product releases and discounts every year.

RCB Philippines team at the IR Bikefest

They have a complete line up of upgrade and performance oarts for most popular scooters and underbones.

Mr. Bob Lu and Mrs. Ruby Lu in 2012

Some photos credit to RCB

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