Reason why the Thai Flag is on Kyle’s bike & New photos from Spain

Date posted on June 16, 2021
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Ever since the start of last weekend’s CEV Moto2 race in Spain where our very own McKinley Kyle Paz participated, every news and images of him went viral on social media. No doubt, the nation of racing enthusiasts are all excited about his historic race.

One of the most asked question by the enthusiastic fans is why is there no Philippine flag on the 32 Kalex Moto2 bike and why is there a Thailand flag in place.

Even us, at first, thought that the initial images of Kyle on the bike was using his Thailander teammate’s spare bodykit and that the Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team had yet to place the proper flag for Kyle.

But the race weekend went ahead and quickly finished with the Thai flag still there. We reached out to YMPH’s Mr. Jordan Cornista, his manager for the season and asked.

His simple answer is that the FMSCT is a team sponsor, and therefore their logo and flag appear on both the team bikes. It stands for Federation Motor Sports Club of  Thailand. It turns out that FMSCT is instrumental in getting the team together. It is the national motorsports federation of Thailand and they are working with the VR46 Master Camp Team to bring Thailand riders up to the MotoGP ranks.

The team with Paz and his Thai team mate Kubo.

Yamaha Philippines is sponsoring Kyle’s seat in the team until the end of the season. When asked about the possibility of the Philippine flag appearing on the 32 bike, Mr. Cornista said it is not sure. Anyway, its a good thing that his Scorpion helmet is adorned with with our national colors.

Our flag represented on his Scorpion helmet

By the way, here are more photos of Paz and his team during the weekend provided by Yamaha Philippines.


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