Renzzy Gabrielle Vigo Striking His Way to Racing Glory

Date posted on January 25, 2023
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11-year-old Renzzy Gabrielle Vigo gains attention and amazement whenever he participates in race events. The kid was a sight to behold when he flashes his racing skills and great riding form that manifest a bright future ahead of him in the racing scene.

Nicknamed “Nunoy Kidlat” Renzzy is indeed one of the fast young riders in the grassroots level. He started riding motorcycles at the age of 4, greatly supported by his parents who are into motorcycles as and riding as well.


He then raced on pocketbikes and race fans were thrilled to see the small kid’s speed and putting down his knees when he goes to the corners. Renzzy has raced in InsideRACING race events such as the Super Series Antipolo GP pocketbike class in 2018 and he also competed in the Performance and Lifestyle Expo Figure 8 GP in Libis in that same year.


This 2022, Renzzy is one of the notable participants of the IR Eastern Club Races held at the Bazaar City in Cainta. He had a good performance in the Pocketbike Kids category and had a number of podium finishes. Renzzy also raced in the Team Attitude Club Race on a scooter and in the Scooter 115 Sealed category. The young rider did not have a problem going up against older and bigger racers as he is enjoying his time while racing. Renzzy dreams to be a champion rider too just like his racing heroes Valentino Rossi and the late Amber Torres. He aims to improve his riding skills specially his cornering to be able to reap more podium finishes and wins.


Renzzy is thankful to his mentor and Zuneo Moves teammate John Michael Estillero who is one of the champions of the 2022 IR Club Races after a solid performance in the Scooter Open Novice class. He also expresses his gratitude to his parents for their unwavering support to his racing career.

For kids who want to try racing, Renzzy encourages them to do so for them to also experience the joy of motorsports.

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine Issue 203

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