Repsol – IRGPXIV Automatic Open Trophy Class Sponsor

Date posted on March 11, 2022
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Repsol works with the most advanced technology to develop the most innovative lubricants for 4-stroke motorbikes, all of which are able to meet the major challenges faced. The main challenge faced by oil for 4-stroke motorcycles is to protect and lubricate an engine which operates at higher revs and working temperatures than a car engine. They also have to meet another major challenge: responding to the thermal stress to which motorbike oil is subjected. This is significantly higher than that of the oil for a car because of the lower sump capacity. This enables us to guarantee that all your demands for your motorcycle are met: protection against wear, engine cleanliness, durability and a smooth ride. In addition, engine oils play a key role in complying with strict European regulations on the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. The Repsol Moto 4T Lubricants have been formulated by the same team that designed the lubricants for their MotoGP team. The result is a range of lubricants which take better care of your engine, providing you with a smoother ride and higher performance. Repsol lubricants is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Gran Toro Oro Trading Corporation. The Automatic Open Trophy class of the 14th InsideRACING Grand Prix is sponsored by Repsol and features highly skilled scooter riders in an exciting race at the Carmona Race Track.

Repsol Automatic Open Trophy

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