Retro Mod ER-6N Scrambler

Date posted on September 21, 2020
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The bike is sleek and sexy and the most distinct part of this setup is the headlight.

There is no doubt that it would have been the first thing you will notice if you get the chance to see this muscular beast on the road. The bike’s owner is Erwin Gamboa from Tagaytay City. He works as a Facility Administrator at Unilab Pharma Campus located at Brgy. Mamplasan in Biñan, Laguna. When he was transferred to Laguna, he began learning a manual transmission motorike because he noticed most of the people at work drives one. He actually never rode a scooter or any type of motorbike before that is why he was so surprised that he learned so quick. After a month or so, he decided to buy a 650cc Kawasaki ER-6n bike. That increased his interest in bikes which led Erwin to buy his 2nd bike just a few months after – a black customized Motorstar Café 400 by MC Customs. He was so happy with the work on the bike that he thought of doing it with his ER-6n.

They discussed the concept and laughed at each other first and then they thought, why not right? And the rest was history. The Kawasaki ER-6n is already an icon in its own right and customizing it seems impossible. When he finally decided on it, he brought it to MC Customs garage and after a few weeks, Marco (the builder) called him up and told the news that the bike is ready for pick up. His eyes lit like a bright rounded headlight that was installed as the main feature of the retro mod. Shaking with excitement, he quickly dashed to the shop and then boom, there she is. What a beauty it was. With new led headlight, signal lights, integrated tail lights, tires, seat, and a jet black tank. Other noteworthy mods include a led signal light strip, classic diamond design leather seats with green stitching. It now looks like a totally different bike! “Being a fan of classic bikes, the ER-6n really suited my personality”, shared Erwin. Well everything goes with black right? It was a head turner. Everywhere he goes, people would ask him what kind of bike it is. Some even take pictures too.

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine’s Volume 15 Number 9 issue

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