Date posted on May 15, 2020
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Riding a motorcycle has never been a greater necessity than today. With the onset of the coronavirus, its mortality and health effects on humans and the community it is transmitted in, there are but a few choices to travel safely in order to go about our daily lives.

There is no question that we all have to return to work, school or whatever it is we do everyday. But there is a question of “How do we go about this while protecting ourselves from being infected with the virus?” knowing that it can be transmitted to us from just about anywhere and anyone we come in contact with. The answer to that question may spell the difference between staying healthy and alive or getting sick and dying. And the answer, specifically regarding traveling to and from the house lies in one of the most common things in our country today – motorcycles.

Imagine when the quarantine is lifted and instead of riding a motorcycle, you will be riding a jeep or bus with people sitting near you. Are they used to wearing a mask? Mostly are not. Are they going to follow social distancing while seated? Hopefully, but do you want to take that chance if they don’t and they end up sitting hip to hip with you? How many people will pass you by as they get on and off the bus or jeep? Imagine if one of them inside the same vehicle you are sitting in is infected with coronavirus and has no symptoms and he doesn’t even know it? How safe are you? The same goes with tricycles and all the more with public utility motorcycles where you ride right behind the driver.

Riding a motorcycle keeps us apart as we travel to work- and that alone will help (in a very big way) maintain social distancing. Add to this that riding motorcycles keep you in the open air rather than being in an air conditioned place with so many people in close proximity (like a train or bus) which helps dissipate the virus should there be any in the air around you.

Another factor about riding a motorcycle is the riders. Most riders are used to wearing masks due to pollution. Since there is now a law that states all persons in public places should wear masks, it is for sure that nearly all riders (if not all) will be doing so without any second thoughts as they are already used to it. So if you are riding a motorcycle and get stuck in traffic with other riders, you will be at least a meter apart from very other rider who are (mostly if not all) wearing masks. You can even improve your safety area by weaving through traffic and stopping between two air conditioned cars so none of the other riders can stop right beside you.

Yes, a safer means to travel would probably be riding a car specially if you close the windows so nothing gets near you because you are enclosed in a protective shell. But how many of us can afford to buy a car? or use a car everyday with today’s gas prices? How many of us can afford to hire a taxi? Riding a bicycle would be a good option too but it depends on how fit you are and how near your destination is and if you have a shower in the office.

So really, there is but one practical choice to stay safe traveling everyday from now on – ride a motorcycle. Many experts agree. Many people believe the same. Many lives will be saved.

Don’t be part of the problem. Be part of the solution. Help maintain social distancing. Keep yourself, your family and co-workers safe. Travel safely by riding a motorcycle.

This is not a sales pitch nor is it a marketing gimmick. Its a fact.
So help spread the word.


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Written by Mark Chuidian

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