SEC Motosupply – IRGPXIV Underbone Sealed Trophy Class Sponsor

Date posted on March 11, 2022
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Originally known as a motorcycle helmet brand here in the Philippines, SEC Motosupply now provides a wide variety of motorcycle products and accessories that carry quality and affordability. They first ventured in the motorcycle business way back in early 2013. They have since been regular partners in events like the IR Bike Festival and Trade Show, IR Nationwide Bike Fests, IRGP and MotoIR.

Now, the brand echoes the words “Safety, Endurance, Comfort” as well as “quality over price“. SEC Motosupply now brings premium designed gears and accessories to fit the satisfaction of most local riders and motorcycle enthusiasts. They now offer helmets made from lightweight yet sturdy materials that absorb impact force transmitted to the head, has compact dimension and effective ventilation to lower the amount of stress and strain transmitted to the rider’s neck for a well balanced comfort and performance. They have also embraced racing and local racers to promote their brands. They have supported many events like the IRGP, MotoIR, and recently, track days.


In IRGPXIV, SEC Motosupply is the class sponsor of the Underbone Sealed Trophy. They also have a powerhouse race team at the event.

SEC Motosupply Underbone Sealed Trophy

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