Shell Advance Family Off-Road Riding Clinic – where everyone is family

Date posted on April 24, 2017
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The first leg of the Shell Advance Family Off-Road Riding Clinic was held at the MX Messiah Fairgrounds in Taytay, Rizal last April 22nd, and it was a class like no other.

The concept is different and instead of the usual individual or group clinics, this one involves solely family members and part of its aim is to have a group activity that would be able to bond the family using the sport that we all love – motorcycling. It was a fun day of family off-road riding with Coach Sam Tamayo and other renowned coaches including Jing Leongson, Jolet Jao, and Mel Aquino. They taught the basics of motorcycle riding starting from operating a motorcycle with clutch all the way to the application part where in the teams tested their new found skill in a dirt flat track oval.

In the afternoon, a friendly endurance flat track race was held and instilled some fun competition between the participants of the riding clinic. The Marzo Family completed the most number of laps in one hour and were declared first placers and won a cool ten thousand pesos for their efforts.

The event is powered by Yamaha motorcycles as the 2nd leg on May 20 featuring the XTZ and PW50 family slots are sold out although some slots are still available if you would bring your own bikes.

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