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Date posted on October 26, 2021
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There’s no denying that in nearly everything in life, the bigger it is, the better – cars, houses, malls, buildings, airplanes, trucks, events, even websites, likes, shares and followers. The “bigger” they are, either in physical form, fame, stature, or riches – almost always, bigger is better. And most people like that. They gravitate towards it. There’s something about being part of something big that gives people a sense of safety or a feeling of belongingness. You could say it’s “human nature” – an innate need planted by God into our very soul to strive for heaven, the biggest goal of all. And today, we are going to talk about something within our midst that is
big and getting bigger, and why more and more people are joining in on it.

Wheeltek founders – Dr. Reynaldo Borja Odulio Sr. and Mrs. Rosario Teresita Ortiz Luis Odulio

Not too long ago – 47 years ago to be exact, a young 23-year-old man with his wife stared into the wide open spaces of Cabanatuan and said to each other “Let’s build something BIG together.” The couple set out to open a store to sell motorcycles. It had only 3 bikes in it and staffed with only 2 people – the couple themselves. No one knew at the time that this little store would become a building. No one knew that the staff of 2 would become thousands of employees. And no one knew that Cabanatuan was only the beginning of an enterprise that would span the entire length of the Philippines from the northern most tip to south most edge with hundreds of branches in between in nearly every single city of the country.

This is their story. And it is a story with a BIG moral lesson for everyone.

When the couple started out, the 3 motorcycles they had were Suzuki’s. Of course, as budding entrepreneurs as they were, they sold it right off and started the ball rolling – purchasing, selling, purchasing more, selling more, and so on. Very quickly they went from selling a single brand of motorcycles to selling the big four – Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Alongside their growing number of brands, they grew their number of branches as well – from one to tens of branches to hundreds all around Cabanatuan, its neighboring cities and provinces. And to cut the long story short, they grew big enough to take the lead in the entire industry nationwide within the first decades in operation – a feat unmatched by most companies and comparable only to the giants in our country who built malls, luxury hotels, business compounds and even entire cities.

That in itself should be a great story to tell. But that is only the beginning of our story.

Why are people attracted to big things? Big malls. Big cities. Big concerts. Big Exhibits. Even in our own homes, many of us prefer big SUV’s, big flat screen TVs, big ovens & big beds. Individuals join big groups. Job hunters join big companies. Families flock to big festivals. Couples fly out and tour big countries. Why? The simple answer to this is “MORE”. You get more when you go to something big. Or in simple math terms:


As the decades passed and the couple grew the enterprise, now known popularly as “Wheeltek” – one of the most popular motorcycle dealers in the country, they passed on the management reins to their sons who have gotten BIG themselves. Fresh out of college, each son took leadership in the most important roles in the company. With their parents blood running through their veins, you can easily anticipate what the sons did with the enterprise their parents built. They grew it BIGGER, of course!

After nearly 4 decades selling only motorcycles, for the first time in their history, they started selling cars. And as they began with Suzuki motorcycles, they began their journey into car sales with the same brand – Suzuki cars. But they didn’t stop there. After a few years, the company started selling the American brand Chevrolet. Meanwhile, in the motorcycle arena, not to be left behind, the company started adding brands as well – TVS from India, KTM and Husqvarna from Austria, and Ducati from Italy.

This was all good and well, but the pandemic set in last year and the world came to a screeching halt and everything seemed uncertain for everyone. However, despite the pandemic and its accompanying problems, Wheeltek continued to get bigger and acquired even more brands while the pandemic was raging on. On the motorcycle front they acquired the brands Harley-Davidson from America, Triumph from UK, Vespa and Piaggio from Italy while on the
auto front they acquired the brands Geely from China and MG from the UK.

This brings the company’s roster of carried brands to a whopping 16! Sixteen of the best brands from all over the world, in both the auto and motorcycle industry. A total of twelve motorcycle brands and 4 auto brands. And mind you, these are not unknown, unpopular or obscure names. The sixteen names the company carries are world renowned, have a long history, and proven track record of quality, community and longevity. These are qualities and names that Filipinos today are more than familiar with. And not only that, Wheeltek has in its roster to date an in
house financing company to cover financial needs as well as sales for used vehicles, events & activities, communities & clubs, social media, after sales support, and so much more. It is the entire eco system of vehicle purchase and ownership under one big name.

At this point you might be saying, “So what?”. So the company is big and still growing. So the company has so many brands and services. What does it mean for me? It actually means a big deal for you, our dear readers. You see, once a company like Wheeltek starts to carry multiple auto and moto brands as mentioned above, is available nationwide and provides the complete experience from day 1 purchase to years of ownership; a customer like you gets more than what you can get from a smaller dealer and so much more than from a single store. A customer who buys from any store of Wheeltek – whether car or motorcycle, anywhere in the country not only becomes a customer of that store, not only becomes a customer of that brand, but more importantly – becomes a customer of the entire nationwide dealership. What this means for you is simply – “network”. Wherever you are, whatever your vehicle, whatever the brand, from which ever store you bought it from, so long as you bought from Wheeltek, you have access to, support from and a family with the entire Wheeltek company. In simpler terms, if you buy a vehicle from Wheeltek and you travel with that vehicle, you are well assured that wherever you go in the entire country and whatever happens to you, you can easily find a Wheeltek store to help you out as a customer. THAT is the difference of being with someone BIG like Wheeltek.

And with that, the moral of the story is this – In the same way that one couple chose to dream big and build something big over their lifetime, YOU now also have a choice to join Wheeltek and become part of a big nationwide family. If you just want a car or motorcycle to use, you may buy anywhere from just about anyone. BUT if you desire everything you can possibly get that surrounds the purchase and long term ownership of a car or motorcycle, don’t buy anywhere else. Buy from Wheeltek because it is not just a store and not just a company. It is now a group
of companies on a nationwide scale with both automobiles and motorcycles.

The Wheeltek Group of Companies.
Trusted by millions of customers nationwide and
Entrusted by 16 brands worldwide
For nearly 50 years.
Website :
FB Page : Wheeltek Nationwide

credit: Wheeltek

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