Skull and Chain-Themed Suzuki Raider 150 Fi

Date posted on June 23, 2021
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This show bike is built by Giovanne Racaza, the owner of PentzHydrographics Paint Works.

He is a former messenger at Ford for 5 years then he started to work on his bike as he was fascinated by motorcycles and modifying them. He began experimenting on using hydro paint with the aim of just applying it to his bike. He wanted it to stand out and be eye-catching on the road. It took a lot of practice and mistakes until he was satisfied with his technique. He tried to post his works in Facebook marketplace and little did he know that his hobby would later on become a thriving business. With the growing demand and his ever improving skill set, he decided to go at it full time and quit his day job.

“I am proud to say that this bike is self-built. I did all the hydrographics work, the parts integration and the modifications. Parts procurement was not easy but good thing I had friends and connections to get the parts that I wanted. I really love the gold and black combination so the parts and the paint job that I did had to conform to this color scheme. I got parts from Thailand and Vietnam. Some of the parts are not plug and play since they belonged to another bike model so I had to do a lot of custom-machining to integrate it to the bike. It was really challenging but it was really worth the effort. This bike showcases the capabilities of my shop and the quality of the services we provide,” Giovanni narrated.

The bike features the specialty of PentzHydrographics paint works such as the skull and chain theme full fairings, the inner and outer parts of the crankcase (carbon fiber pattern) and suspension outer tube (carbon fiber pattern). It also has a wide array of aftermarket parts from Thailand and Vietnam such as the disk rotor star adapter, hubs, panel cover titanium, plate holder with titanium plate, Pvworkz radiator cover, Pvworkz engine oil cover, Pvworkz clutch cable holder, SPS hose front & rear, Pvworkz  frame cover, CNC star adaptor, Genma single shifter, Genma passenger footrest, Genma engine sprocket cover, Brembo brake master lever set, PZ tech lighten hub, Zian rims, RCB spokes, Maxxis tires, Ktech Thailand swing arm, Samco hose, Heng bolts & screws, Heng side stand, Heng center stand, Heng axle front & rear, Heng kick start cover, active throttle elbow, universal cable, bride seat cover and CNC stabilizer. It features key modifications to the engine such as the fuel pressure regulator, 10 holes injector, ECUshop ECU and 4S1M throttle body 40 mm as well as Xrace lighten rear sprocket, RK chain, Sparco tow strap, Mody 5 rear shock and Daeng Sai4 GP warriors racing exhaust.

“Thank you to God, I did not expect that my hobby would become a thriving business, to Sir Arnel of InsideRACING Magazine for acknowledging and appreciating my work on this show bike, to Papzkuyautoy as I learned about hydrodip from him and without him I would not be on this path, to my Mama, even though she rants about the expenses I did for my bike she still supports me, to my very supportive friend who has been there since day one – Abrian Singson of ROCI family (the Piolo of Cebu Labangon Chapter ROCI club), to  Heart Will, Jose Wong, Boss Jake Cuaycong of Yoyoworks, Jelrey Quijano, Jopthai, and to all my friends in the motorcycle modifying scene especially those who have helped me along the way. Thank you so much Sir Al Camba and the whole InsideRACING team for featuring my bike. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity,” shared Giovanni.

Parts and Accessories Used:

*Hydrodip full fairings inner & outer parts crankcase and outer tube

*Vietnam parts (disk rotors, adapter and hubs)

*titanium panel cover 

*plate holder with titanium plate

*Pvworkz radiator cover

*Pvworkz engine oil cover

*Pvworkz clutch cable holder

*SPS hose front & rear

*Pvworkzcnc frame cover

*CNC star adaptor

*Genma single shifter

*Genma passenger footrest

*Genma engine sprocket cover

*Brembo brake master lever set

*PZ tech lighten hub

*Zian rims

*RCB spokes

*Maxxis tire 

*Ktech Thailand swing arm

*Samco hose

*Heng bolts & screw, side stand, center stand, axle front & rear and kick start cover

*active throttle elbow

*universal cable

*bride seat cover

*CNC stabilizer 

*fuel pressure regulator

*10 holes injector

*ECUshop ECU

*4S1M throttle body 40mm

*Xrace lighten rear sprocket

*RK chain

*Sparco tow strap

*Mody 5 rear shock

*Daeng Sai4 GP warriors

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine Volume 19 Number 3 issue

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