Spartan Race

Date posted on September 16, 2017
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Just like in the movie 300 where 300 valiant Spartans defended their land, three of the youngest up and rising stars proved to be  tougher than they look in this year’s Pirelli Cup.

Rider #14 Vrei-ar Suba dominated his pack together with Rider #23 McKinley Paz in the Super Sport 300 Pro of Pirelli Cup’s Round 5 held in Batangas. It was a nerve-racking race that everyone witnessed as the two led from start to finish.


Vrei-ar Suba (14) and McKinley Kyle Paz (23)

Vrei-ar Suba

McKinley Kyle Paz

Super Sport 300 Pro podium


Justinne Bethany Tolentino (rider #30) secured her first championship title for the Pirelli Cup Lightweight B Category wherein she is considered to be the youngest in the said class.


Justinne Bethany Tolentino

Even though she is the youngest in this race class, Tolentino impressively won the Super Lightweight B category of Pirelli Cup’s Round 5


The team is supported by Phoenix Cyclomax Racing 4T, Phoenix Premium 98, Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc., Racing Boy Philippines, FAITO Racing Philippines, KOSO Philippines, IRC Tires, RK Racing Chain and Sprocket, LS2 Helmets for Paz, Centeno and Tolentino’s helmet, SEC Protective Gears, NITEK for Suba’s helmet, ARacer Speedtek, JM Mirasol Advertising, AT Knee Sliders, Replica Pro, Amaron Batteries and Daeng Pipes.

Words and Photos by Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito Racing Team