Stance Streetbike x VIP Concept Show Scoot

Date posted on April 21, 2021
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The base bike of this hyper loaded Stance Streetbike x VIP Concept show scoot from Liloan, Cebu is a Yamaha Mio i 125 2019. The scoot is owned by John Paul “Jaypee” Torres, a businessman engaged in exporting bread, biscuits, investment and online buy and sell.

He got started in modifying bikes after he had a motorcycle accident several years ago. He was not able to ride for several months so he got himself tinkering with his old scoot. He had it repaired then it progressed to decals then one thing led to another. He eventually went on to upgrade to performance parts and accessories. From then on, he never looked back and he grew more fascinated with scoot modifying culture especially Stance Culture, Thai Street bike and VIP concept.


“I chose Stance Streetbike x VIP Concept dahil maganda siyang tingnan at marami kang pwede i-modify at palitan ng pyesa dahil ito ay combination of my 2 favorite concepts (Streetbike and VIP) packed into a stance show scoot.The team behind my bike was Northside Lowered under nang Stance Culture. Sila ang tumulong para mabuo ang motor ko. The key persons for this project are Mr. Joemon Cadampog, Joevany Gucela, John Benedict Puyot at ang buong Northside Lowered. Proud ako sa motor ko dahil sariling sikap namin ang disenyo. Unique siya dahil hindi isang concept lang ang pinasok naming, lahat ng concept,” Jaypee narrated.




The scoot sports a lot of premium aftermarket parts and accessories such as Brembo master cylinders, Brembo brake levers, Nissin brake calipers, Nissin disk rotors, genuine gold Thai bolts and nuts, floor-mounted tachometer and voltmeter and AUN racing exhaust pipe. The team also spared no expense in adding detail to the engine with its custom-colored chrome components. The main body panels also feature a custom-colored carbon fiber hydrographics. Getting inspiration from Thai Streetbike concept, it features lightened parts such as the step board, side panels, rear fender, grab bar and crankcase cover which have intricate custom-cut patterns. It also has Mutarru custom lowering rear shocks, Heng brake arm, Heng center stand, custom white leather seat and Leivenger mags.



“I would like to thank Mr. John Benedict Puyot, JoevanyGucela, Paps Joemon Cadampog, Chamba Workz, Kanthuthai parts and accessories, Northside Lowered, Under Nang Stance Culture Cebu, Midcoast Street Low, Tolo Family, Torres Family and Stance Finest. Thank you so much to InsideRACING Magazine and InsideRACING Nation family for featuring my Stance project scoot,” Jaypee shared.

Parts and Accessories Used:

Brembo master cylinders

Brembo brake levers

Nissin brake Calipers

Nissin disk rotors

Gold Thai bolts and nuts

Floor-mounted tachometer and voltmeter

AUN racing exhaust pipe

Custom-colored carbon fiber hydrographics body panels

lightened step board

lightened side panels

lightened rear fender

lightened  grab bar

lightened crankcase

Mutarru custom lowering rear shocks

Heng brake arm

Heng center stand

Custom white leather seat (diamond pattern)

Leivenger mags

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