Stock Power South Cotabato: Ride with Pride!

Date posted on January 29, 2022
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Team Stock Power is a motor trail team that started as friends and most of the members come from the different towns in South Cotabato. They have a common hobby and the reason they decided to climb up mountains using motorbikes is because it’s unique and more challenging for them to reach the top.

In the middle of the trail, they always expect to have some kind of trouble or spills but one thing is for sure, they will never leave someone behind. Those who reached the destination first will not hesitate to go back using their bikes or even by foot to help the others survive the climb.

The group was able to conquer some of the mountains and waterfalls of Polomolok in South Cotabato, and also in General Santos City. As long as it is safe, they will go there and try the trail if they can make it out.

The most memorable part of any trail ride is when they are helping out each other especially when someone passes out due to sheer fatigue and exhaustion. The challenge is always to ride your bike, go up, and survive.

After reaching the peak of the mountain, they make sure to enjoy their Tinolang Manok and Nilagpang cooked by the people there. The summit of every climb is also a good opportunity for the guys to discuss their place for the next trail and to ask for suggestions from the team members. Age is not an issue with these trail riders as there is a member as young as 19 years old. The members in this group respect each other so much and act as one big happy family.



This was published in the 2017 InsideRACING Magazine Volume 15 Number 6 issue

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