Streetbike Thai Concept Full Carbon fiber Yamaha NMAX from San Fernando, Cebu

Date posted on January 3, 2022
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This is one of the standout scoots we encountered from the San Fernando Motor Show.The bike is owned by Aldwin Baclayon, a call center agent based in San Fernando, Cebu.

“I started building my bike when my close friend Dave Joshue Racho introduced me to this kind of hobby. With the help of 3F’s Shop and my Cebu Wave Owners Club (CWOC) family, I was able to build my Streetbike Thai Concept project bike,” Adlwin said.


“Streetbike” is basically the amalgamation of two concepts, Vans and Drag. You can enjoy the best features of both concepts. It features lightened parts and premium Thailand performance parts for the brake system, suspension and engine. You can enjoy the aggressive performance of a drag bike but still remain suitable for daily driving.


“The most satisfying aspect of this hobby is seeing the bike that you have dreamed to build become a reality. We also enjoy the continued process of improving/evolving our project bikes and we take pride on the effort, man-hours and sacrifices we have invested on those projects,” expressed Aldwin.


Going into the details of the scoot, it features full pink carbon fiber body covers done by Kasag Bogo. It also has high performance Daeng Sai4 racing exhaust pipe to complement the loaded engine.The scoot uses Super Drag high-performance rims wrapped in IRC drag tires. It is equipped with DS4 radiator (with Samco fluid lines), Mufac handlerbar, Aeromotive fuel regulator, Domino hand grips and quick throttle, custom-machined lightened parts and genuine Heng bolts and nuts. The brake system has been totally upgraded with 10A Copy Marc Marquez brake master, TRD brake lines, high-performance Brembo calipers and brake levers. For the suspension systems, it uses Chaiyo performance shocks in the rear and lightened “stock” front shocks. It also has custom honeycomb carbon fiber body panels to add contrast to the scoot. The scoot is also equippedwith JRP racing saddles and custom made “Ayuda” Thai plates.

“I would like to thank my 3F’s family for supporting me always and Kasagbogo for the unique Carbon Fiber cover. Special shoutout to my family for always supporting me especially to my girlfriend who is always by my side when it comes to my hobby, my CWOC family and all of my motorcycle friends. Thank you so much to InsideRACING Magazine for featuring my Thai Concept Streetbike project bike,” Aldwin shared. 

Parts and Accessories Used:

full pink carbon fiber body covers done by Kasag Bogo

high-performance Daeng Sai4 racing exhaust pipe

Super Drag high-performance rims

IRC drag tire DS4 radiator (with Samco fluid lines)

Mufac handlebar

Aeromotive fuel regulator

Domino hand grips

Domino quick throttle

custom-machined lightened parts

genuine Heng bolts and nuts

10A Copy Marc Marquez brake master

TRD brake lines

High-performance Brembo calipers and brake levers

Chaiyo performance shocks (rear)

lightened “stock” front shocks

custom honeycomb carbon fiber body panels

JRP racing saddles

custom made “Ayuda” Thai plate


This was published in InsideRACING Magazine Volume 19 Number 8 issue

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