Streetfighter Scrambler TMX 125 from Bulacan

Date posted on January 8, 2022
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Born and raised in Bustos, Bulacan, John Paul Salazar Go is the owner of this Honda TMX 125 Alpha turned in to a Streetfighter Scrambler. He really fell in love with classic bikes, especially the scrambler concept.

John Paul is a Graphic Designer and loves to play the guitar, sing, watch movies with his wife and play with his kids during his spare time. He rides motorcycle to go to different places and enjoy the views.

“It all started when I was thinking about putting the idea of car customization to motorcycle building. I’m operating an automotive paint and fiber shop here in Bulacan together with my friend. We do a lot of fiber works, body modifications, body kits, paint jobs etc. Then, falling in love with classic builds motorcycles made me think of attaching the idea of the fiberglass material to some parts of the bike like the side covers and engine guard. Eventually, I bought my first bike w/c is the Yamaha YTX 125. It was already built back then. However, I was not satisfied with the overall look so I decided to change the whole set up of the bike and have it sold in the market,” narrated John Paul.

The TMX Streetfighter Scrambler took 4 months to be finished. It was tough for John Paul and the challenges were the conversion of the swing arm and the front upside down fork from a different bike, the proper mounting of the fuel tank (also from a diff bike) and going to different motorcycle shops to choose the most compatible parts for the better functionality. “It was really a great experience because admittedly, I don’t have the skills when it comes to welding works, the fiber works nor the paint job. But I knew I had the idea in my mind what are the right things to do and how to come up with a really nice looking bike,” he shared.

John Paul builds bikes because aside from the money he would earn from it, it also gives him satisfaction seeing the fruit of his hard work. It is really a joy in his heart seeing the result of his hard work and perseverance. He still wants to continue to build bikes despite his busy schedule at work. John Paul is currently working on his 5th project bike. Also in God’s perfect time, he is planning to have his own physical shop exclusively for his project bikes. He also wants to collaborate with other builders.

To fellow builders and motorcycle enthusiasts, John Paul’s message is “I know most of you are not a mechanic like me and don’t have the other skills required in building bikes. But I know you guys also have the idea in your mind of what your dream build bike could be. Don’t be afraid to seek assistance from veterans in this industry. Take one step at a time until you drive and gas it up on the road!”

“I want to thank my family and friends for supporting me and to all who works for me and are helping me in my ideas to turn into badass reality,” John Paul expressed.

List of parts and accessories used/mods:

Daymaker for the headlight

digital gauge

SPD rims

KRX dual-sport tires

Yaguso Rayos

RUSI classic 250 rear hub

Honda Wave 100 caliper, hub, disc plate and caliper bracket

Sigma upside down fork and swing arm

Kawasaki Boxer fuel tank and grille turn signals

Yamaha Sniper 150 passenger foot rest

Sigma mud guard

custom muffler classic hand grip

Protaper handlebar and riser

custom seat cover, bar end side mirrors, fiber front fender, engine guard and side covers

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