Stricter Requirements for Riders going up Marilaque

Date posted on July 11, 2020
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Motorcycle riders who are planning to do rides on weekends and weekdays to Tanay may have to comply with stricter requirements.

Clear Warning on the road.

Riders traversing the popular Marilaque roads will now have to bring the following documents:

1. Medical Certificate
2. Travel Pass/Authority barangay
3. Travel order
4. Quarrantine Pass

The stricter measures issued by Infanta is to curb the massive amount or riders riding and gathering in big groups during the weekends.

While motorcycle gathering is now allowed under the General Community Quarantine (GCQ), mass gatherings are not yet allowed.

Although riders are socially distanced while riding, they tend to gather at rest stops and roadsides.

The areas of Infanta,Tanay, Pililia and Teresa have low confirmed cases as of today and they would like to keep it by discouraging uneccessary travel of outsiders to these areas.

Days ago, the city of Ternate Cavite also issued similar travel restricitions after its residents were alarmed by the number of riders communing at the famous Kaybiang Tunnel.

On his Facebook page, a popular rider destination restaurant Jariel’s Peak Riders’ and Bikers’ Haven advised his custumers to state that they are going to his place when asked about the the travel order.

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