Super Series/IR Cup Antipolo GP Pocketbike class

Date posted on August 31, 2020
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The Antipolo GP of the 2018 Super Series Nationwide Championships featured a pocketbike class.

The category which was part of the IR Cup held together with the Super Series in September that year was well participated and definitely fun and exciting to watch.

Winning the race was Vash Aguilar while Ricardo Balanquit placed second and third placer was Mytchell Joshua Ngo. Eunice Sta. Ana finished fourth and Rand Erwin Bergania placed fifth.

The pocketbike class was one of the crowd favorites and it’s enjoyable to watch kids starting their racing careers. These kids might be our future racing stars! As the expert and prominent racers showcased their skills that day, the kids of course impressed spectators as well.

The Super Series and IR Cup are organized by InsideRACING in Luzon. VisMin legs and RUGP sre organized by our partner The Racing Line. These race events are sanctioned by USRA.

We hope to see these kids and other aspiring youngsters with their supportive parents and family when we can organize race events again.

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