Suzuki Raider Breed Wars: The Quarter Mile Battle Third Leg set for Oct 10

Date posted on October 4, 2010
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Suzuki Philippines, one of the leading motorcycle brands in the country, is bringing drag racing to a legal venue by staging the Suzuki Raider Breed Wars: The Quarter Mile Battle.

Aware of the dangers posed by illegal drag racing which is usually held in open roads at night, Suzuki organized the Raider Breed Wars to give drag race enthusiasts a legal and proper venue to showcase their skills.

The first leg kicked off last May 30, on the Old Airport Road Km 10, Sasa, Davao City, and attracted a crowd of more than 5,000 riders, racers and motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Mindanao. The second leg, held at the Clark Speedway, Pampanga, on July 4, was targeted at motorcycle fans from the northern Luzon area.

The third leg is scheduled for October 10, at the South Reclamation Project in Cebu City, and is expected to attract riders from the Visayas. The fourth leg will be on November 7, at the Batangas Racing Circuit in Batangas City, with competitors expected from southern Luzon and Bicol regions.

The top two finalists in each category from all the different legs are expected to vie for championship honors in the Final War to be held on December 5, in Manila.

Considered as the bestselling range in the Suzuki motorcycle line-up, the Suzuki Raider motorcycles have a strong following in the sporty underbone category, particularly among those who expect high-performance features in an affordable package. The three variants in the Suzuki Raider Breed line-up — Raider R150, Raider J Pro and Raider J — showcase advanced features and innovations in safety, reliability and performance, making them the new leaders of the motorcycle pack in the market today.

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