Suzuki Scooter owner ka ba? Need to know this!

Date posted on February 16, 2019
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It’s exciting time to be a Suzuki scooter owner!

A newly formed community for Suzuki automatics or scooters named SNAP Community will have their first Meet and Greet event this coming February 24 at the popular riding point Shell Gas Station along Pugon, Marcos Highway.

Although SNAP means Skydrive Nex Adress Philippines, owners of all Suzuki scooters or automatics are welcome regardless of models. These include the Step,Nex, Adress, Hayate, Burgman, Skydrive and the new Skydrive Sport.

Starting at 9am, formal membership application (NO MEMBERSHIP FEE!) will be processed. You only need to bring the following:
• 1×1 ID picture
• Driver’s license (photocopy)
• OR-CR (photocopy)
• Ballpen

Suzuki scooters has been in the market for more than a decade now and there are already many Suzuki scooter clubs or groups well established. One of the aim of SNAP is to unify all clubs and possibly be the umbrella organization if all Suzuki scooter owners as this is officially supported by Suzuki Philippines.


After this 1st Meet and Greet. Their next big event will be at the IR Bikefest in March at the World Trade Center.

Meanwhile, if you cannot be there you can be up to date with activities by liking their Facebook page – Skydrive Nex Address Philippines or SNAP – or you can join their FB SNAP Community.

InsideRACING will cover this milestone event. So hope to see you all there!