2011 SYM GTS 300i Evo Ride Review : Elegantly Smooth, Nimble and Powerful

Date posted on November 14, 2019
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Yet another superb maxi-scooter model from Mitsukoshi Motors Phils., the new GTS 300i Evo is a definite welcome addition to this growing segment of the local market. Refined, fast, comfortable and easy to handle, it scores and aces in all aspects.

The GTS 300i Evo is the last of the modern maxi-scooters to be released late last year by the giant Taiwanese brand after the Citicom 300i and the Joyride Evo. SYM did a major upgrade from the old GTS 250 to this new model. Aside from the obviously bigger electronically fuel-injected engine that delivers more performance with fuel efficiency, the new GTS 300i EVO was developed to be more stylish, have more features and bigger value than the old model.

One of its greatest assets is the new single cylinder, four-stroke, liquid cooled engine that now displaces 263.7cc and is electronically fuel injected and passes strict Euro 3 emission standards. It is very refined and very powerful. It starts well at any given time, idles quietly and can accelerate the relatively heavy maxi scooter very well. Once at speed, it can cruise at high speeds in a refined and composed manner, which it impressively does in a very smooth, buttery fashion without excessive vibration or hesitation. Even when you pin the throttle wide open (which you will be addicted to do when the opportunity strikes) and the exhausts emit a louder than normal wail, the engine remains smooth and composed. Big bike users who are looking for an easy to ride bike but do not want to give up the big bike acceleration that they are used to will not be disappointed with the Evo.



The maxi-scooters in today’s world have definitely evolved for the better. Their big size and high power do not necessarily mean that they are cumbersome and nervous to ride. The GTS handles well and actually feels better than a small scooter because of its higher weight that gives it more stability and traction. You can maneuver at any speed more confidently. The narrower front tire also makes it steer easily. It has excellent stability at high speeds, thanks to its increased wheelbase. The GTS Evo’s disc brakes, 240mm at the front and 220mm for the rear, are excellent too and can stop it very well.



The ride is comfortable and supple, too, thanks to the great suspension and the front tires’ high profile 90 series (instead of the usual 70 or 80), which absorbs bumps very well. The rear suspension unit swing is adjustable so you can fine tune it depending on your riding weight and style. The seating position is perfect and the seat itself is very comfortable. You can feel the driver’s backrest that lessens fatigue over long rides. It can be adjusted fore and aft to suit any rider by screws under the seat. You can ride it the whole day and not get tired easily. The passenger will also enjoy a day on the GTS Evo as the passenger seat is wide and also has a backrest with easy to reach grab handles.


The GTS Evo is also pretty loaded with luxury amenities and storage. You have a number of different cubby holes on the dashboard and even on the floorboard that you can use to store sunglasses, maps, coins, water bottles and other small stuff. You can also open the seat via the ignition key, and the seat itself is hydraulically operated via a push of a button so that you will not be bothered to lift the big and heavy seat. And under the seat there’s a big room for one helmet and perhaps one small half-face helmet. It even has a night light to illuminate the space to keep you from fumbling in the dark. A nice added convenient feature is that you can also open the fuel cap located at the front from the ignition switch, and since the cap is not located under the seat, you don’t have to get off when refueling.



Of course the GTS Evo is aesthetically superb; the shape is very modern, up market and looks solidly built. The modern styling is obviously another big improvement from the old GTS, moving from a single headlight to twin headlight design. The LED running lights dubbed “phoenix lights” are similar to premium European cars. They not only give the new model a more modern and aggressive look, but also enhance safety and visibility at night. The large twin front headlamps have separate high and low beam lamps similar to current Ducati and BMW superbikes. The GTS also has useful fog lamps at the back; the big LED tail lights are big and attractive and are very visible especially at night. The only concern is that it might be very expensive to replace when you get involved in a fender bender. The only thing we find unimpressive is the conservative design of the alloy wheels which makes the Evo sort of veer away from the top-of-the-line model look.



The dash is very nice. It has two big dials; one is the speedometer and the other is the tachometer. In the middle is a very nice LCD display showing the fuel consumption, fuel gauge, engine temperature, a digital clock, trip meter and odometer. The turn indicator lights on the dashboard can be better because they are hard to see if they are blinking especially in broad daylight. It looks bright green even when not lit and since they are not audible, sometimes there’s a chance you might forget to cancel it.



As a good safety feature, aside from the ignition key lock, it has multiple automatic engine kill features for the center stand and side stands and there is even a separate switch that can only be accessed under the seat. This bike is also equipped with a hazard light function and a passing light button which are very useful safety features especially on our roads populated with many less attentive drivers.



SYM is a brand that has grown and become famous for making scooters all over the world. Scooters are they’re core competence. SYM has mastered the formula for making big scooters handle well, and combined with the increased performance, results to an addicting ride that will corrupt any rider to reconsider their purchase options. This scooter is truly one in which you’re sure is of good quality and high value engineered, well worth the price that you will pay for.


“The two things that I like most about the new GTS Evo are its sweet handling and its smooth, powerful engine. Although it’s a maxi scooter, the GTS handles well and actually feels better than a small scooter because of its heavier weight that gives it stability and traction. The power delivery is smooth which is probably because of the fuel injected engine. When you look at the GTS, it is very big and very wide, but when you get to ride it, even at a very slow pace, you will be surprised that it doesn’t feel like a big scooter. The seating position is perfect and the seat itself is very comfortable. It fits me well (I’m 5’6 ½ and 75 kilos). I like the driver’s back rest; you can feel it and definitely lessens fatigue over long rides (which you can also adjust forwards or backwards by screws under the seat). The ride is very comfortable and supple, thanks to the great suspension and the front tires’ high profile 90 series (instead the usual 70, 80), which absorbs bumps very well. The narrower front tire makes it steer easily. I can ride the whole day on this bike comfortably and, considering how easy and light it handles, I will not get tired easily. Build quality is very good; it’s almost like a car in terms of the level of plastic and paint especially on the dashboard. The color is nice, gives it a European look. The only thing I am not impressed with is the alloy wheel’s three-spoke design which looks cheap compared to the rest of the scooter; another thing I would like to improve on are the turn indicator lights on the dashboard which are hard to see when blinking especially during broad daylight. It is bright green even when not lit, and since it is not audible, sometimes there’s a chance you might forget to cancel it. I like the safety features, the engine automatic switch on the side stand and center stand, and it has a safety switch under seat and the key hole has a mechanical cover on it, which you can only open with the key itself. Overall, it’s a very nice maxi scooter and one of the nicest models from SYM. The way it feels and functions is very refined. The SYM GTS 300i Evo is a premium maxi scooter. I give it a rating of 9/10.”


“The product design is very good and of high quality. Its metallic silver color combined with the black parts, the LED lights, twin headlamps and the fog lamps; its overall look is quite formal and elegant yet sporty. I’m impressed with the extra buttons on the handlebar like the open button for the compartment and the extra button for the passing light. I also like the instrument panel with the digital screen. I am impressed with its power and handling! Even at fast speeds this bike can achieve and even in heavy traffic situations or on long trips, it feels like your riding a smaller bike and not a maxi scooter. In the handling department, I like its capability especially in traffic and the ergonomics of the handlebar relative to the saddle; it makes riding more comfortable especially on a long weekend ride. The suspensions are good, especially the rear. They perform perfectly on this bike. If you have this kind of power, it is normal to have good braking power and I’m highly impressed with the powerful brakes, especially on the rear. For the price of P200k plus, you can buy an underboneand tune and accessorize it to the max,but for me, the GTS will be a better decision because of the power and design that you get from this maxi scooter, plus it’s powered by a fuel injected engine. Overall, for the power, price, looks, and additional features, I’ll give the bike 4 ½ stars out of 5.”


“The brakes’ performance impressed me; they are very good! They can stop this bulky maxi scooter on a dime safely and that’s a plus for a bike this heavy. I love the back part of the scoot, it’s so European. At the front, it’s good because it covers the whole area and your body. However, the windshield felt too low, you have to position yourself lower so you can actually lessen the wind hitting your face. I like the side mirrors which are very modern and sporty. I also like the LED lights that turn on automatically when you turn on the engine; they look like high end car light. It also has fog lights and corner lights and I like the fact that the headlight is built in the body and not integrated in the handlebar. This means whenever you wanted to turn at night time, you can see the corner coming up. I like the passenger foot pegs that you can easily deploy by stepping on a button. I also like that the seat can be remotely opened with a turn of the key on the ignition and it also has a hydraulic lever that lifts the seat smoothly. As for the engine, acceleration at low speeds is not so great, but once you hit the mid power of the engine, it performs like a race bike; you can go from 30 kph to 100 kph in just a few seconds! Also, I think a maxi-scoot is supposedly comfortable, so I think the exhaust is too loud for my taste. The ride is very smooth; the suspension absorbs bumps easily and the big tires help. The shocks are very firm and sporty, but once you travel along bumpy roads, they are actually smooth and absorb all the bumps. Overall, l can rate this maxi scooter around 8/10.”


*This article was published in InsideRACING’s  Volume 9 Number 3  2011 issue.