Team Suzuki’s Enriquez, MTRT’s Chan and MDR’s Inguito are inaugural champions of the 2010 Phoenix Cyclomax MDPPA-IR Cup by Denso Spark Plugs

Date posted on August 4, 2010
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Due to the heavy rains that have plagued Manila last July 25, the MDPPA Board, event sponsors and InsideRACING officials decided to focus on the riders’ safety and declared the round cancelled by 3 p.m. when more than 50% of the track was under deep waters.

After Practice and Elimination heats were finished, the organizers halted the event and waited for two hours as heavy rains flooded the track from around 1 p.m. Once officials and track personnel were able to assess the situation, it was clear that the amount of time needed to make the track ready for race action left them with little choice but to cancel for the day. The event was another success as 68 entries were received for the day with exciting team battles expected to happen in all classes as teams beefed up their line-up in order to support their leading riders for their respective titles. Rescheduling was not considered as on option as the MDPPA will now focus on the 2nd MDPPA Cup scheduled for October 17 at Carmona Race Track as a tune-up race for the IRGP4 in November.

Team Suzuki Racing’s preparation and focus paid off as John Lery Enriquez was declared as Double Champion in the 115 OPEN and OPEN classes. Its two other riders, Paul Mark Doblada and Ivan Santiago, also had a fighting chance for championships had the race finished. Still it was a grand day for the team as they were able to celebrate their first crowns for the 2010 season.

MTRT-Yamaha’s Jeff Chan was the AUTOMATIC OPEN Champion. The former IRGP and UBK 115 Open champion seemingly found a new class to show his skills.

And finally, Team MDR’s John Emerson Inguito is the NOV/BEG 115 OPEN Champion. Inguito is one of the hottest young riders for 2010 and winning the MDPPA-IR Cup is a big boost to his career. By winning the championship, Inguito also earns the MDPPA entry fee sponsorship to the IRGP4. The 3-leg series was also participated in by riders from MCX Racing, Team Motorstar, Team Kawasaki, Kymco Racing, and Honda Philippines.

The 2010 PHOENIX CYCLOMAX MDPPA-IR CUP Series Presented by Denso Spark Plugs is also in partnership with, Stoplight TV, The Racingline TV and Motorsiklo Xklusibo Radio. This event was organized by the Motorcycle Development Program Participant Association (MDPPA) and InsideRACING Magazine. Proceeds of the events will now go to the MDPPA’s 2010 Road Safety Programs that will promote and train riders in safety riding. Race on the Track, Not on the Streets!

2010 Phoenix Cyclomax MDPPA-IR Cup by Denso Spark Plugs
Final Championship Standings Open

Pos.   Rider           Total Pts
1      J.L. Enriquez   31 – Champion
2      P. Doblada      30
3      D. Watanabe     28
4       A. Roman       25
5       T. Soyangco    18
6      R. Resuello     17
7       J. Barcial     12
7      J. Teopengco    12
7      M. Altamira     12
7      M. Indiongco    12
7      M. Chua         12
12     M. Mazo         11
13     M. Buncio       10
14     J.R. Escala     8
14     M. Mangulabnan  8
15     P. Labador      4
15      N. De Mesa     4
15     T. De leon      4

115 Open

Pos. Rider             Total Pts
1      J. L. Enriquez  40 – Champion
2      A. Roman        32
3      D. Watanabe     25
4      T. Soyangco     23
5      P.M. Doblada    20
5      J. Teopengco    20
7      J. Barcial      15
8      N. Soyangco     12
9      R. Resuello     11
10     M. Buncio       10
11     M. Altamira     8
11     M. Medina       8
13     M. Acuna        4
13     D. Esguerra     4

Automatic Open

Pos. Rider             Total Pts
1      J. Chan         37 – Champion
2      I. Santiago     32
3       R. Chua          25
4       G. Centeno       16
5       C. Ng            15
5       V. Laude         15
7       B. Mendoza       12
7       JR Tan           12
7       J.R. Daguio      12
10      D. Requilme      11
11      M.Capoy          10
12      B. So            8
12      P. Pangilinan    8
12      G.aneda          8
12      J. De Dios       8
12      M. Mazo          8
17      G.Miro           4
17      J. De Jesus      4
17      R. Cabahug       4
17      Peter Gjengaar   4

Novice/Beginner 115 Open

Pos. Rider               Total Pts
1       J.E. Inguito     35- Champion
2       M. Deliganzo     20
3       M. Santos        17
3       T. Gaddi         17
4       R. K. Torres     15
5       M. Dela Cruz     12
6       J. Navarro       11
7       I. Quisquino     10
8       R. M. Ramos      8
8       M. Tica          8
10      J. Mirasol       4

Credit: IR