Thai Concept Drag Bike Honda Wave 100

Date posted on February 15, 2022
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This Thai Concept Drag Bike project is truly built for speed and show. The bike is owned by Justine Juarez, a programmer currently working for Wealthbank.

He traces his fascination for modified motorcycles since high school. “Way back in my high school days, sumasama lang ako sa Tito ko kasi siya yung may entry then tagapunas lang ako noon. So in my mind, someday, ako naman yung may entry. I was motivated to study hard, finish my school and work hard. This started my journey in modifying bikes,” recalled Justine.

“I chose this concept because I was so amazed on how Thais build their bikes. Not only the looks but the engine specs they have. This is the main reason why I chose this concept. We built this bike on our own with the help of my cousins and my family. We asked for some advices from others on what are the proper parts to be used. We also consulted some persons in the Thai concept community who also helped us to build this bike. We encountered so many challenges. Most of the parts we used are for Wave 125 and we had to do custom-machining to integrate it on my Wave 100. Sourcing and logistics also proved to be a challenge especially when we are looking for rare and proper parts for our concept. But in the end, all the sacrifices and effort are worth it when people react and appreciate our build during motor shows,” Justine stated.



  The bike sports a wide array of lightened high-performance racing parts such as the MTV seat bracket with battery holder, MTV sub frame standard dual shocks, MTV swingarm +4, upper gas tank and MTV t-post. All these parts are made of high grade alloy. They are strong and sturdy but lightweight. The brake system was also fully upgraded to increase stopping power but still remain lightweight starting with the original Japan Takegawa brake master, original Swits quick-release brake hose, original Formula caliper and K-tech lightened disk rotors. For the suspension, the team installed high-performance original Gazi shocks (rear) and OEM lightened outer tube (front). For the engine, it sports the following specs: (52/3 sv) paired with original Keihin flat slide 28mm, original MSD ignition coil (US), original Japan Takegawa quick throttle, Upper head tappet and finished off with original NLK pipe titanium burn muffler (down pipe) for 160cc. The bike also sports Sstrong rims wrapped in Vee Rubber tires, Gekko Star 45/90 (front) and IRC Eat My Dust 60/80 (rear).



  “I would like to thank first God for the blessings then my supportive family and friends, motorcycle shops and online sellers, my group Thailand Domestic Market (THDM) Queencity, CWC family, my Ridertees family, Paps Jai – Zonehatjai for the advices and parts, Inamigomotorparts, Tol Efren Balao – Balaojapanparts for orig Japan parts, HMJ bolts and nuts and the people behind my bike. A big thanks and salute guys. Thank you so much InsideRACING magazine for the continued support to bike builders like me from all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Thank you for giving us a venue to showcase our builds through your magazine, apps and social media outlets,” Justine shared.

Parts and Accessories Used: original Japan Takegawa quick throttle • original Japan Takegawa brake master • original Swits quick-release brake hose • original Formula caliper • original carbon fiber visor (not skinning) • K-tech lightened disk rotor • MTV t-post • MTV seat bracket with battery holder • MTV sub frame standard dual shocks • MTV swingarm +4 • original Gazi shocks • OEM lightened outer tube • Upper gas tank • Upper head tappet • original MSD ignition coil (US) • original Keihin flat slide 28 mm • original NLK pipe titanium burn muffler (down pipe) 160cc • Brakeless hub (rear) • CNC and white gold bolts (100%) • genuine Honda fairings repainted • Vee Rubber tires, Gecko 45/90 (front) and IRC Eat My Dust 60/80 (rear) • OEM sprocket 20/415 and RK colored chain (red) • engine specs: 52/3 sv

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine Volume 19 Number 10 issue

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