Thailand Concept Kawasaki KR 150

Date posted on September 2, 2021
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Rainier Jann Valdez, the owner of this Thailand Concept Kawasaki KR 150, started modifying bikes since 2018. His friend invited him to join “THDM”, a group for Thai concept enthusiasts.

Hailing from Paniqui, Tarlac, Rainier is a vape shop owner and aside from bike modification, he also likes basketball, airsoft, motor shows, off-road 4×4 and he is a toy collector as well.

For the Thai Concept Kawasaki KR 150 project, Rainier took months looking for the right parts for the bike for it to be able to win motor shows. It sports Brembo GP levers, Brembo disc, TWM clutch, Brembo and CNC calipers, Ohlins suspension, Ohlins SDMX stabilizer, original carbon parts, It Salaya, Earls hose,  Battlax tires, DBS exhaust, Kou exhaust, Charama, Honeywell switch, DID rims, Nathong seat and Unitrack swing arm.

“The best experience or moments I had in bike modification is having more friends in the bike industry. I’m doing business for almost 12 years and modifying bikes is my stress reliever. Whenever I have the time, I ride motorcycles or join bike shows. To my fellow enthusiasts, ride to inspire others, enjoy the journey while doing it and leave a mark that no one will forget,” said Rainier.

For now, Rainier is contented with what he has but he is still in the game by helping his group or club members in building their show bikes.

“I’d like to thank God first, next my wife Marjorie Flores for supporting me from the start up to now and lastly my group THDM Elites for the support on every step of the way,” Rainier shared.

list of parts and accessories used/mods

– Brembo GP levers

– Brembo disc

– TWM clutch

– Brembo and CNC calipers

– Ohlins suspension

– Ohlins SDMX stabilizer

– original carbon parts

– It Salaya

– Earls hose

– Battlax tires

– DBS exhaust

– Kou exhaust

– Charama

– Honeywell switch

– DID rims

– Nathong seats

– Unitrack swing arm

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine Volume 19 Number 6 issue

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