The 2022 Philippine National Rider of the Year

Date posted on May 20, 2022
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USRA Board Members and NAMSSA Board Members recently had a succesful meeting , one of many more to come as they aim to map out the future of Philipine motorcycle roadracing.

NAMSSA Philippines, the FIM National Federation, and its Club Affiliate USRA (Unified and Sports and Racing Association) are happy to announce that the determination of the 2022 Philippine National Champions will be more prestigious, rigorous and challenging than in previous seasons.

The NAMSSA Board and USRA Board of Officers held a meeting recently to formalize the agreement that the two most important and relevant Philippine National Rider Championships will come from three (3) different National championships currently sanctioned by NAMSSA in partnership with USRA. These are the Motul Grand Prix by Sonicboom , the Motul Super Series Nationwide Championships by IRNation/The RacingLineTV,   and the MotoIR Championships.

Points accumulated by riders in all the championships will be combined to determine the two prestigious Philippine National Champions.

– The prestigious “Philippine National Rider of the Year”  will come from the fastest Underbone 155 Open Class for Expert/Intermediate riders

–  The “Philippine Rookie of the Year” will come from the Novice/Beginner class in the cost effective Underbone 155 USRA SEALED category.

The eventual winners will be the best and most experienced riders for 2022 as they would have competed in almost twenty (20) NAMSSA national road races in Luzon and Vis-Min areas. They will also have to master no less than three (3) permanent race tracks in Tarlac, Pampanga and Cebu plus temporary racetracks in Rizal or Cavite.

The Philipine National Champions is usually nominated by NAMSSA to compete in international competitions the following year to represent the Philippines which may include the Asia Championship of Road Racing (ACRR), where currently the Philippines is the defending Team Champion from 2019.

Moreover, NAMSSA now has more national road race events that current FIM international competitors from the Philippines may regularly join to sharpen their skills in between international races while treating their loyal Filipino fans and bringing added national exposure to their sponsors. 

Also, special annual race events, like the IRGP, will again be sanctioned by NAMSSA in partnership with USRA for the first time since 2010, and may now allow international riders to compete in selected classes where rules permit. NAMSSA was the sanctioning body of IRGP from 2007-2010 before it was taken over by USRA in 2011 to 2022.

Earlier in the week, NAMSSA, USRA and IRNation also agreed to the creation of the Philippine SuperSport 300 Championships (PhSSP300) that will run exclusively at the 1.5 kms Tarlac Circuit Hill Racetrack. The PhSSP300 Championship will be NAMSSA’s fastest and biggest national road race class.

Since the announcement of the partnership last end April, many Filipino racers, teams and sponsors expressed positive feedback and optimism. Equally, both the FIM NAMSSA and USRA are delighted to be working together to further improve the sport of local roadracing. More programs and projects are in the pipeline to offer more opportunities to new race enthusiasts, most especially to the new beginner riders and teams in untapped areas around the country.

The USRA Board would like to extend its gratitude to NAMSSA Philippines, the FIM National Federation, and its President, Mr. Macky Carapiet, for making it all possible.

And also to Motul Philippines by Infiniteserv Int’l, for supporting all of NAMSSA and USRA National races for 2022 and for believing that these two important road racing entities can be united to work together for the benefit of Philippine motorcycle motorsport.  

It will be an exciting time in local motorcycle motorsports in the  years ahead.

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