“The Hitman” – John Emerson Inguito

Date posted on April 9, 2021
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“I am really happy because I am representing the country and it’s a big opportunity for me. The experience was good and tough at the same time. It was tiring as it was the first time for me and my team to race in the Asia Road Racing Championship. But after all, it was a successful participation for us and we got good results.

Thanks to God I was able to win the UBK (Philippine Underbone King) title for the fourth time. I am proud that I was able to win the last race as well and all the effort of our team paid off. Our teamwork, good rapport and unity were the reasons why we were able to defend our underbone title.

Of course, thank you so much to my team 4S1M-Yamaha for the support and effort in making sure are race bikes are in good condition. My team is a great help to me especially our boss Mr. Mark Tan. Because of 4S1M-Yamaha, I am able to continue my career, soar and prove many things.

From pocketbikes, I enjoyed racing through the years until I became one of the top riders in the country when it comes to underbone and scooter racing. All the perseverance and hardships I went through and the support of my family are all worth it as I have a successful motorcycle racing career now.

Focus is one of the reasons for my victories. Of course, failures and defeat are unavoidable but I just tell myself that these are all part of my progress. If I don’t have mistakes, I won’t learn and I would not be able to improve my skills.

To all those who believe and support my skills until now, thank you so much that you are with me in every race, you are one of my inspirations in each battle.

I want to be the overall champion in the race series I participate in. And of course, I also want to win a championship title in international races. Another goal of mine is to be hailed as the Golden Wheel Driver of the Year.”

The Hitman” John Emerson Inguito from Cainta, Rizal is one of the highly regarded underbone and scooter racers in the country. Inguito who started in pocketbike racing has joined many races and has been part of several racing teams through the years. His riding skill was honed through many experiences (victories and defeats) in racing motorcycles. Inguito also has his share of international racing experience.

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine’s Volume 17 Number 9 issue

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