The Mayor”: Hyper Modified Suzuki Raider from Dinalupihan, Bataan

Date posted on March 16, 2021
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The bike was built by Fatty Tires Custom Bikes headed by Mr. Bryan Ubaldo and Team Haliparot Works. This Suzuki Raider is owned by Mark Cabiling, a government employee and a motorcycle enthusiast based in Dinalupihan, Bataan.

It is a fusion of future tech and the badass attitude of custom chopper culture. Hence, the team ensured to adapt the skull and chain theme all throughout the bike. “The bike was named “The Mayor” after me. All my friends called me “Mayor” because of how I treat and deal with them. It was formerly called “The Boss” but when we decided to upgrade it to a fully modified show bike, we then called it “The Mayor” because of its simple yet elegant style,” Mark shared on how the moniker came to be.

This bike has undergone several changes over the years as Mark wanted to push the boundaries of his imagination until he met Bryan Ubaldo, a talented and one of the most creative and innovative builders from Luzon. For this bike they wanted it to go big and adapt a more imposing look. The team at Fatty Tires Custom Bikes spared no expense to create a mind-blowing master piece. A lot of the parts are custom-made and you can only imagine the man-hours it took to complete all the details and intricacies on this show bike. “I choose this concept because nowadays more and more motor enthusiasts are fond of building bikes which are very peculiar but most of them are having similar concept. I wanted to take the concept a little bit further to make my bike standout,” said Mark.

“Our motorcycles are extension of ourselves, not just a piece of metal that we use to get from point A to B. Countless hours, broken knuckles, broken tools, blood, sweat and more swearing than anyone could imagine went into this bike but it’s all worth it once you see the finished product. Our team or rather family is known as “Haliparot Works”. We are a group of motor show enthusiasts and each of us has our own show bikes. We work together as a family. Haliparot Works and Fatty Tires Custom bikes are the teams behind the success of “The Mayor”,” Mark added.

The bike sports a wide array of custom-made parts starting with the custom-made hubless front and rear wheel sets which feature custom-machined embedded brake rotors that have custom-cut skulls to add details to the bike. The center line of the super wide wheels is also shaped into a chain, adhering to the overall theme of skull and chain. It also houses the bearings and rollers for the hubless wheel. The bike has a custom-made swing arm which integrates the chain drive and brake system. It also features custom skull hydrographics done by H2O Graphics as well as a wide array of THDM aftermarket parts and accessories such as body bolts, engine bolts, grab bars, rear set, handlebars, brake hose, master cylinder and front USD suspension. The bike has an AHM full titanium exhaust and custom-painted frame. But that’s not all; the bike also features a lot of future tech developed by Bryan Ubaldo of Fatty Tires Custom Bikes such as the Android app controls for the air suspension (front and rear, voice command application, finger print auto start and remote controlled roar and backfire.

“I would like to thank my Haliparot Works family for fully supporting “The Mayor” on its journey, Bryan Ubaldo of Fattytires Custom bikes for the extreme modifications, H20 Graphics Philippines family, Jtek Graphics, team RRST and team CycleHobbies. Thank you so much InsideRACING Magazine/InsideRACING Nation for this wonderful opportunity,” Mark stated.

Parts and Accessories Used:

[Fatty Tires Custom Bikes]

Custom hubless wheels (front and rear)

Custom-machined double embedded disc rotors (front)

Custom-made swing arm

Custom chain drive assembly

Custom rear brake assembly

Android app controls for the air suspension (front and rear)

Voice command application

Finger print auto start

Remote controlled roar and backfire

[H2O Graphics Philippines]

Custom hydrographics

[THDM aftermarket parts and accessories]

Thai body bolts

Thai engine bolts

grab bars

rear set


brake hose

master cylinders

front USD suspension

oil catch tank

AHM full titanium exhaust

Projector headlights

Custom acrylic racing saddle

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine’s Volume 19 Number 1 issue

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