The new look of LTO’s Certificate of Registration

Date posted on March 2, 2021
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For so many years we have been used to LTO’s format of the Certificate of Registration (CR) that it’s appearance and what it looks like is almost imprinted in our heads but alas! it has been redesigned!

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) issued a memorandum this February stating that there will be a major change in format and appearance of the “Certificate of Registration” of motor vehicles as a part of the implementation of the “Land Transportation Management System” (LTMS) which is a new LTO online system designed to make your  LTO transactions faster online.

(Will they issue and send your OR/CR over the web? we don’t know yet.)

But what we know is there will be significant changes on the Certificate of Registration such as..

–  Larger in size

–  Increases font size

Inclusion of kW Rating for Electric Vehicle

Improvement of Quality to be at par with certificates issued by other government agencies

As they have added new information on the new CR, some of the old ones will be removed.

See attached memo.

There is no information yet with regards to the rollout of this new bigger Certificate of Registration.

Source LTO

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