The Ninja ZX-25R Has Finally Arrived!

Date posted on July 31, 2020
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After weeks of speculation, the expected launch of the 250cc 4-cylinder mini superbike of Kawasaki has been confirmed via a digital premiere on their social media page Kawasaki Leisure Bikes earlier today.

Local enthusiasts were excited since the model was officially announced in June and eventually unveiled in Indonesia last July 10.

This is not for expressway inclined rider but for sportbike and track enthusiast.

It is the dream bike for many enthusiasts who wants the feel and the glorious sound of a wailing four-cylinder engine but at the same time, the lightweight handling of a small bike. The best of everything!

Expressway legality is not an issue as the target market will not be the long distance touring rider as the bike’s intended use will be mainly to enjoy twisting back roads or on the safety of a racetrack.

But they will have tremendous fun every time they launch from a stoplight and hear the little 250cc four scream. No doubt they will be the stars of bike nights as everybody would like to hear the little engine sing!

But now, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is!

KMPC President Mr. Hisashi Nishizawa

Many did already as a Kawasaki Philippines official told InsideRACING Nation that the line of confirmed orders is already long despite the ongoing pandemic.

It seems that the demand for this bike has surpassed market perception!

The few people who do not believe that racing contributes to the growth of the industry and that bikes built with racing pedigree will not sell, must be in utter disbelief right now, or still in denial.

Congratulations Kawasaki and thank you for listening to the enthusiasts!

Kawasaki Press Release:

Muntinlupa City, Philippines – The world’ first 250cc, In-Line Four machine has finally arrived in the Philippines!

Last July 31, 2020, Kawasaki Motors Philippines Corporation ended the month with a bang with the introduction of the industry’s most anticipated motorcycle of the year – the Ninja ZX-25R!

Premiered via the Kawasaki Leisure Bikes Facebook page, the digital launch of the Ninja ZX-25R was a celebration of its superior features and specifications.

Powered by a 250cc, In-Line Four Engine, the Ninja ZX-25R is jam-packed with instruments that were designed for its higher displacement brothers; such as the 37mm Showa SFFBP Inverted front Fork, a newly designed chassis, based on the chassis orientation of the Ninja ZX-10R and Ninja ZX-10RR, 310mm front disc brakes with 4-piston calipers, and
several Kawasaki technologies that were only previously present for 650cc and above models such as the Electronic Throttle Valves, Power Mode Selector, Kawasaki Traction Control, Kawasaki Quick Shift, Economical Riding Indicator, and the Immobilizer.

Ninja ZX-25R is available in its special edition variant; and with two electrifying colors, Candy Plasma Blue, and Kawasaki Lime Green with a suggested retail price of Php 410,000.

Candy Plasma Blue
Kawasaki Lime Green

Get your own Ninja ZX-25R now at any of your preferred Kawasaki Kribs nationwide!

For more information on this model, and for a complete list of Kawasaki Kribs; you may check out the Kawasaki Leisure Bikes website at or via their Facebook Page at

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