The Serow 250 Returns and Conquers Lahar Terrain

Date posted on September 23, 2019
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It was time to get off the asphalt and into the wild with the Yamaha Serow 250. The off-road wonder returns in stellar fashion for an exclusive adventure in nature. On September 12, 2019, Yamaha Motor Philippines brought media partners and guests to Golden Trail Travelers Resort in Pampanga where the devastation of Mt. Pinatubo has turned into a beautiful panorama of greenery.



Before taking off, the riders were briefed by top tier coaches led by Coach Mel Aquino to ensure that the participants were aware of safety procedures during the activity. They were dressed in complete off-road equipment for their foray in to the land of “lahar”. The terrain was a challenging yet exciting experience for the riders, but this wasn’t your ordinary ride in the country. Participants were paired up into teams and had to complete different challenges across 5 stations spread throughout the area. The stops tested the physical and mental abilities of the riders, they also learned more about the Serow 250 in every stop. From slippery rocks, crossing rivers, to pouring rain,  it made the riding conditions more difficult but also unleashed the full potential of the motorcycle.



This off-road machine had it all, its 250cc F.I. engine had enough power to push through the rough, emitted low engine noise and consumed less oil. The suspension enabled great shock absorption and excellent handling as they traversed to different stations. Disc brakes on both ends of the motorcycle provided better stopping precision. And even in the pouring rain, riders were more visible with the redesigned brighter tail light.



Also, this wasn’t just about winning, they were playing for donations that will be received by the indigenous community in the region. Each challenge had an equivalent donation such as food, clothes, health packages, and more. It was just about bragging rights for the team who had the highest amount of donation. But everyone had the privilege of contributing to the support of their indigenous brothers and sisters who also make sure that the area is safe and enjoyable for any and all visitors.



The Serow 250 Trail ride was an adventure into off-road and into the heart of our country. It was a reconnection with nature and the communities that inhabit them. This wasn’t your everyday ride or the usual experience. And that’s what going off-road is all about, you never know what to expect but experience is always the same; it will always Rev your Heart.



The Serow 250 has an SRP of 229,000  and is available in White Blue and White Orange. You can get your own in the Yamaha Flagship Shop, the YZone, RevZones, 3S Shops, and multibrand outlets nationwide.

Words and Photos by Yamaha Motor Philippines