Third Season of Super Series Begins in Carmona; IR Cup Also Kicks Off Opener

Date posted on May 10, 2018
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Underbone and scooter riders had the chance once again to live their dreams as the nation’s passion for racing will be relived this May 13 at the Carmona Race Track, the venue for the opening rounds of the Super Series Nationwide Championships and the IR Cup Series both presented by Shell Advance. Organized by InsideRACING and sanctioned by the Unified Sports and Racing Association for Motorcycles, Inc. (USRA), both events are open to Yamaha and Suzuki race bikes only.

The Shell Advance Super Series Nationwide Championships which is now on its third year will again feature top riders who will vie in the Super Underbone, Super Scooter and Super Suzuki races. The 2018 Super Series is supported by Suzuki Philippines, Yamaha Motor Philippines, FDR Tires and Pirelli Tires.

Race bikes will be supplied by Yamaha Motor Philippines and Suzuki Philippines in the Super Underbone class. The Super Scooter category uses USRA open rules but the said class is limited to non-homologated FI models only. The Super Underbone and Super Scooter classes are for Intermediate and Expert riders. Tires allowed to be used in the two categories are FDR and Pirelli. Registration fee for each class is P2500 (P2000 entry fee + P400 insurance and P100 USRA license).



The Super Suzuki one-make race has two classes – the Raider R150 Carb and Raider R150 FI. Both categories are for Novice and Beginner riders. Entry fee for each class is P1500 (P1000 entry fee + P400 insurance and P100 USRA license). Race bikes are provided by Suzuki Philippines.



The Shell Advance IR Cup Series will have a track day, open races and club races. The track day will have sessions for All Yamaha Scooter (Aerox, NMAX, Mio, and XMAX) and All Suzuki Raider (Raider J, Raider 125, Raider R150 Carb, and Raider R150 FI).  Entry fee to join a track day class is P500 and participants must bring their own motorcycle. An open tire rule is implemented in the track day.



Open races in the IR Cup are the 150 Underbone and Scooter. These are open to Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles only and will use an open tire rule.



The 150 Underbone race will feature three classes – Expert, Intermediate and Novice/Beginner. These will run in a combined grid. Registration fee for the 150 Underbone category is P2000 (P1500 entry fee + P400 insurance + P100 USRA license).

The Scooter race also have three classes – the 160 Elite for Intermediate Expert riders, 160 Open for Novice and Beginner riders and 130 Open for Novice and Beginner riders. These three classes will run together with the Super Scooter category in a combined grid. P2000 (P1500 entry fee + P400 insurance and + P100 USRA license) is the registration fee for the Scooter category.

IR Cup Club Races are likewise open to Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles and is open to any tire brands. Novice and Beginner riders can participate in the Cavite Special All Scooter and Cavite Special All Underbone classes. Entry fee for each category is P1000 (P500 entry fee + P400 insurance and P100 USRA license).



The Shell Advance Super Series and IR Cup Series are supported by KOBY PH.

Here’s the schedule of the Super Series and IR Cup on May 13:

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