Transformers Autobot “Drift” Yamaha Sniper 150 Show Bike

Date posted on January 13, 2022
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This Yamaha Sniper 150 is inspired by the Transformers Autobot known as “Drift”, a former Decepticon turned Autobot commando. Drift’s strength lies not only in his mastery of ancient swords but also his warrior spirit. In the movie you can see Drift as a robotic samurai warrior and was one of the most-feared warriors on Cybertron.

The bike is owned by Cristian “Ian” Ypon Tingal, a Councilor of Barangay Mainggit, Toledo City, Cebu. Ian has been riding motorcycles since he was 14 years old. He is a former motocross rider, downhill MTB rider, motack rider, circuit rider, endurance motorcycle rider, car drifter and car drag racer. He has a passion for extreme motorsports. Ian is also a robot enthusiast and after a motor accident, he decided to repair his bike and make it into a show bike. His love for robots especially the Transformers has led him to decide to take inspiration from the Autobot Drift for his show bike. Drift is one of his favorite characters.

“Since childhood, my favorite robot characters are the Transformers, so it gave me an idea to build a Transformers-inspired modified bike. I find it interesting and challenging. I am a person who loves doing challenging things and when I want it, I work hard for it. I decided to make a Transformers-inspired concept bike because it is unique in my vision and it is the reflection of my personality as a robot enthusiast. My inspiration for creating this idea is for the kids and adults who will see my work. The concept transcends different age groups.  I am so grateful and thankful to my good team, Team Tingal and Team Ypon, to my supportive friends for their contribution and ideas, Justmotoworks for their brilliant work and carrying out all the modifications, CQE for my chrome accessories and Wyl Mark for the awesome airbrush art that brought my vision to life. Building this bike was not easy. First, you need to have an intense idea or concept followed by patience and a lot of hard work, added by time, effort, dedication, financial assessment to buy the bike parts needed. It takes all of this to create a show bike and when spectators appreciate and admire what you build, it makes all the effort worth it,” Ian narrated.


The bike sports a wide array of custom body work such as the custom-made fiberglass bellypan, custom-made fiberglass Transformer mask, custom-made fiber glass air vent, custom-made fiber glass front fender, and custom-made fiber glass winglet. The bike also sports a formidable collection of aftermarket parts and accessories to boost performance, handling and the overall look of the bike starting off with the Triumph Daytona ST 995i Pro arm and Triumph Sprint ST 995i mags. For the chain drive, his team upgraded it with Triumph Renthal sprocket 2004, and AFAM chain. For the brake system, the team equipped the bike with Triumph genuine brake pad America, Triumph EBC disc brake, and TOKICO 6-pot dual radial calipers. For the suspension system, the team installed YZF-R6 fork, and RCB M series rear shock.

To add more kick to the bike’s performance, the team equipped the bike with 65mm piston block upgrade, Tune Boss racing ECU, and Bosch iridium spark plug. For the bikes aesthetics and electronics the team installed double accent wires, OEM voltmeter w/ charger, Shark transparent crankcase, RCB racing clutch, Rizoma hand grip, Rizoma side mirror, Rizoma side stand, Rizoma chain tensioner, Rizoma chain cover, Rizoma axle slider, RZ racing rear set assembly, Mody5 engine cover, Mody5 owl eye and eyelet, chrome crankcase, Speed bike hand guard w/ LED, Night Eye H11 800 LM headlight, LED bars/strip lights, Yayamanin bolts, custom-made big bike seat and AHM titanium dual exhaust conversion.

“Firstly, I would like to thank our Almighty God for giving me wisdom in creating some unique ideas in motorbike modifying. Thank you to my ever supportive father Cristobal Tingal, Zhyra, Xianme, Cristine Joy, Criszel Mayee, JR Bendebel, Madel, Arc2x Bendebel, Crisxia Bendebel,C risziel Mayee Tingal, Globeth Cabañero, Tingal Family, Ypon Family, to the Legend of all modification Justo Jayme, Justine, Jayme Family, Rogie Balogbog, Hermes Capangpangan, to the king of airbrush Wyl Mark Avila, Era and Zoe, to my friends and supporters and to the organizers of events and competition I joined. It is a great opportunity for me to showcase my select portion of modified motorcycles and ideas and discover what others are creating. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to my family, friends, supporters, sponsors, and to the all motorcycle club especially to Pro Arm Society Philippines, AMBC, WYL WORKS Airbrush, JUSTMOTOWORKS, BENZ RACING PIPE, DC STORE and CQE. Special shoutout to all the residents of Barangay Mainggit, Toledo City, to my group Sto.Niño officials, Toledo group and lastly thank you to InsideRACING Magazine, Sir Al Camba and Sir Arnel B.Santos-Yñigo. I am grateful and honored to be one of your featured motorbike modifiers. This opportunity is so memorable to me,” expressed Ian.

Parts and Accessories Used:

-Triumph Daytona ST 995i Pro arm

-Triumph Sprint ST 995i mags

-Triumph Renthal sprocket 2004

-Triump genuine brake pad America

-Triumph EBC disc brake

-TOKICO 6-pot dual radial calipers

-AFAM chain

-YZF-R6 fork

-RCB M Series rear shock

-65mm piston block

-Tune Boss racing ECU

-Bosch iridium spark plug

-Double accent wire

-OEM voltmeter w/ charger

-Shark transparent crankcase

-RCB racing clutch

-Rizoma hand grip

-Rizoma side mirror

-Rizoma side stand

-Rizoma chain tensioner

-Rizoma chain cover

-Rizoma axle slider

-RZ Racing rear set assembly

-Mody5 engine cover

-Mody5 owl eye and eyelet

-Chrome crankcase

-Speed bike hand guard w/ LED

-Night Eye H11 800 LM headlight

-LED bars/strip lights

-Yayamanin bolts

-Customize big bike seat

-Custom-made fiber glass bellypan

-Custom-made fiberglass Transformes mask

-Custom-made fiberglass air vent

-Custom-made fiberglass front fender

-Custom-made fiberglass winglet

-Custom-made stainless muffler 6H

-AHM titanium exhaust-dual conversion

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine Volume 16 Number 12 issue

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