“Tubal” – Yamaha Mio Sporty from Lipa

Date posted on January 15, 2019
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Ian Lester De Ramos, owner of Graphter design Graphics & Decals, has been riding for 4 years and this heavily modified Yamaha Mio Sporty is the first bike he has ever owned and it has come a long way from the simple commuter scoot that it was to the headturner show bike that it is now.



It all started with merely buying some aftermarket parts and accessories but it wasn’t until that instance when someone told Ian to try out joining motorshows… and that was when everything changed. “Meron po kasi kaming sticker shop doing graphics and decals. Ang name po ng shop ay Graphter Design. Napaisip din kami na pwede nga naman na makakapag-advertise ka na, nag-eenjoy ka pa. Hanggang naka ilang sali na kami sa mga motor show.



Nagpabago-bago na din si Tubal at naka-ilang version na din. Nag-isip kami ng kakaiba, yung makakaagaw pansin sa tao, yung maganda sa pangingin at yung matutuwa sila. As they say, modifying never stops, at ngayon eto na siya,” shared Ian during his interview with InsideRACING Magazine. The first thing that you will notice is the airbrushed, pink-themed Yoko Littner decals. One could only assume that the owner is a big fan of Tengen Toppa Gurren, a series where Yoko Littner is the main female protagonist. This scoot also got a ton of chromed parts such as the center stand, Nouvo swing arm, Nouvo crankcase, fan cover, grab bar, extended swing arm and gas tank. There is also a pro-arm installed and an eye-catching rim with 72 spokes and gold bolts. Ian merely wants to share his talents that is why he keeps on joining motor shows. He wants to inspire people and have everyone learn that hard work and dedication is key. Check his bike out!






  • Pro Arm (front shock)
  • Graphics & airbrush (Yoko Littner)
  • Racing Boy caliper
  • Racing Boy disk pad
  • Chrome break lever
  • Chrome throttle grip
  • Side mirror (Rizoma)
  • MTRT clutch bell
  • Center stand (chrome)
  • T-Hook (JDM)
  • Shock (Chrome)
  • Modified air cleaner
  • Carbon fiber signal lights
  • Gold bolts
  • Stainless steel mating
  • Chrome visor
  • Sound set-up
  • Lightning lab speakers
  • Kenetic amplifier
  • Fiber glass cover on speakers with lights
  • Under glow modified lights
  • Nouvo swing arm (chrome)
  • Nouvo crankcase (chrome)
  • Fan cover (chrome)
  • Oil cooler
  • Grab bar (chrome)
  • Modified exhaust pipe
  • Extended swing arm (chrome)
  • Gas tank (chrome)
  • FDR tire wide lift (120×70) x14
  • Camel back seat (notwaidan brand) from Thailand
  • Digital gauge
  • Rim with 72 spokes & gold bolts
  • LED projector