Turbo Racing Holds First Drag Race Under the New Normal

Date posted on September 11, 2020
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Drag King New Normal was held last September 6 at R33 Drift Track in San Simon, Pampanga. Major Sponsors of the event were 4S1M and ZIAN Rim Thailand while Minor Sponsors are Daeng SAI 4, JRP Thailand, Red Speed, Guevara Racing and Bibiso Car Care. It is also supported by Super Drag Rim, G-Ren, Mutarru, Vanz Boy and Vanzza. InsideRACING Nation and The Racing Line are media partners.

The event was secured as it was held in a private track. Organizer Turbo Racing did not experience difficulty in implementing strict health protocol which included wearing of face masks and face shields. All team members also filled out health forms. There were thermal scanners and fogging disinfectant before entering the venue as well as foot bath and alcohol. The required social distancing was also followed since Turbo Racing allowed only 4 persons per team. As this was the initial event of Turbo Racing under the new normal, there were only 2 categories with 8 participants in each class. Turbo Racing provided individual tents for each team to maintain social distancing. The event was live streamed and there were no audience at the venue.

Turbo Racing is a highly regarded drag race organizer in the country.

Here are some photos and results of the event.


150 4V UB (25G)
1ST – Angelo Parati
2ND – Adrian Talavera
3RD – Evander Soliveres
4TH – Michael Cortez

150 4V UB (SUPER 25G)
1ST – Mark Jerson Marzan
2ND – Jeff Tentia
3RD – Michael Cortez
4TH – Evander Solivers

credit: Turbo Racing

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