Venom: The Drag Bike-inspired Suzuki Raider from Siquijor

Date posted on June 17, 2021
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Siquijor is a 5th provincial income class island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region. It is the third smallest province in the country, in terms of population as well as land area (after Camiguin and Batanes). But despite that, it has a flourishing motorcycle modifier community that is poised to take the national or regional bike show scene by storm.  The quality of the show bikes being created on this island certainly have what it takes to compete on the national level. They have the talent, creativity and craftsmanship to make a big impact in the upper echelons of the bike modifying community in our country.


The bike is owned by Mr. Jeff Suminguit, an OFW/seafarer from Siquijor. Jeff has always been fascinated by motorcycles especially drag racing. Over the years he has participated in drag racing but due to the dangerous nature of the sport, he shifted to show bike modifying/building.  His creation is a fusion of a drag bike and a show bike. But for this project, he wanted it to be truly unique. It is a product of a lot of custom-fabrication and machining to come-up with a bike like no other.

The bike sports an intricate custom airbrush paint job. It features aggressive tribal shapes inspired by venomous snakes that’s why they dubbed the bike “Venom”.

One of the key features of the bike is the single-sided front forks. This feature is common in high-end downhill mountain bikes but the team from Viper racing has successfully emulated this feature by custom-machining a pair of aftermarket Combiz outer tubes and merging them seamlessly. Aside from that, the bike has a custom swing-arm composed of Stage 6 Outer tubes with double disk brake system and Racing Boy calipers which is truly mind-blowing. The bike also sports an 8 piston caliper brake system. It is indeed a bike like no other, built not bought and a testament to the talent and ingenuity of the bike builders from this island.

“The challenges that I encountered in building the bike was when I am miles away. It’s very hard for me to explain the things I wanted to be done with my bike because of the nature of my work I can only communicate through FB messenger which is difficult in itself not to mention the problems of coordinating with my team considering the different time zones,”  Jeff shared.

The bike has a wide array of aftermarket parts and accessories such as Racing Boy engine guard, Racing Boy rear set, Racing Boy brake and clutch levers, Racing Boy hand grips, Racing Boy calipers, Racing Boy side stand, Racing Boy chain guard, Racing Boy adjustable steering damper stabilizer, Racing Boy side mirrors, Racing Boy brake master cylinders, Racing Boy fork stabilizers, Racing Boy adjustable handlebars and Racing Boy bolts. Aside from that it sports a wide array of THDM goodies such as Rizoma axle and frame sliders, DK Racing axle spacers, Vee Rubber drag racing tires, lightened drag racing rims, Rizoma bar end sliders, Yayamanin body panel bolts. The team also installed Yoshimura carbon fiber exhaust system and YSS adjustable mono shock.

“I would like to thank the following persons who in one way or another helped me realize my modified motorbike: Mr. Jeremy Calunod my mechanic, Mr Kent for assisting my brother Jestil during the motor show and also during building the bike, Mr. Marvee Gudmalin and to all my teammates for the unending support and for making all these things possible. Thank you to our heavenly Father for always guiding and protecting us, my family, Team Viper Racing, Team Jairus Keiffer, Team Marlons, Raigo chrome, 5JCustoms, my Malaysian friend, all my online suppliers, my supporters, Fb friends and to Inside- RACING Magazine for giving me this opportunity. Thank you so much and God bless us all,” expressed Jeff.

Parts and Accessories Used:

Custom acrylic fiber seat (with hydro-graphic print)

Custom acrylic fiber underneath/fender eliminator (with hydro-graphic print)

Custom airbrushed body panels

Custom belt drive system

Custom 8 piston front brake system

Custom Combiz Single Sided Front Forks

Custom Stage 6 Outer Tube Swing Arm

KOSO Digital gauges

KOSO RPM gauge

KOSO Thermometer

KOSO bolt meter

Yoshimura Carbon Fiber Exhaust

YSS Mono Shock

Rizoma Axle and Frame Sliders

DK Racing Axle spacers

Vee Rubber Drag Racing Tires

Lightened Drag Racing Rims

Rizoma Bar End Sliders

Yayamanin body panel bolts

Racing Boy Engine Guard

Racing Boy Rear Set

Racing Boy Brake and Clutch Levers

Racing Boy Hand Grips

Racing Boy Calipers

Racing Boy Side Stand

Racing Boy Chain Guard

Racing Boy Adjustable Steering Damper Stabilizer

Racing Boy Side Mirrors

Racing Boy Master Cylinders

Racing Boy Fork Stabilizers

Racing Boy Adjustable Handle Bars

Racing Boy bolts

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