Vespa Thai Scoot Concept from Valenzuela

Date posted on February 8, 2022
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This is a unique fusion of influences from Thai and European themes. The base scoot for this project is a 2020 Vespa Sprint S i-Get 150 cc model owned by Sherwin Dionisio (aka Win Dioni) from Valenzuela, a Civil Engineer by profession.

He has been a bike enthusiast since he was a teenager and is passionate in modifying and transforming scooter and cars.


Sherwin with his Vespa

“It all started when I saw a Thai setup Vespa on Facebook which impressed me so much. It made me decide to have one myself that looks like it. Thereafter, I sought the help of my old friend, Nathan Cucueco who was selling Thai motor parts, in assembling my Vespa bike. Other parts were bought from North Vespa, Motozone MNL and San Andres Scooter Shop. Polo Cruz from Vespaps QC and Regnie Acebes, formerly a North Vespa Mechanic, also helped me build my Vespa Thai drag bike,” Sherwin shared.

The scoot sports a wide array of high-performance THDM parts and accessories starting with its brake system which features Rossi Brembo front brake lever, Koken rear brake lever, Daytona brake master & cap, HD Corse rear brake arm, carbon disk rotor, carbon brake pad, Brembo caliper red color (Thai) and Earls brake hose. For the throttle and rider controls, it has Domino quick throttle and Accossato hand grips with Daytona bar ends. It also features Kytaco switch left side, Accossato switch right side and Syp gauge. The scoot is also loaded with Zelioni accessories (Zelioni footpeg, fan cover, oil cap, gas tank cap and crankcase cover knot).

For the exhaust systems, it features high-performance Remus carbon pipe with Tony pipe bracket. For the suspension, it sports Bituto high-performance front and rear shocks. For its wheel set, it has Marus CNC front hub and MK CNC wheel mags wrapped in Pirelli Diablo tires. To keep the weight down, the scoot also features carbon fiber parts (carbon headlight ring, gauge cover, racing fender, fork link cover, center mat, spark plug hatch and center stand).

The scoot also sports JRP seat, Copper Monkey Fan, Level 10 front & rear signal light, Level 10 tail light, titanium logo, titanium horn catch badge, all titanium bolts & nuts, DNC tire cap, Thailand sticker on both sides and Sip leg trim shield.

“As a bike modifier, the most satisfying aspect of the hobby is seeing your Vespa bike transform. Aside from being recognized and receiving lots of trophies during shows and events such as the VIP Productions, Car & Motor Show Philippines, Gear Fest Events Auto Show, and All About Wheels Manila Online Bike Show Vespa Category, the appreciation and respect of people can be considered as the most satisfying aspect of the hobby. Some of the challenges we encountered during building of the bike include trial and errors on the installation of the quick throttle and the lever brake system, combination of colors and its overall appearance, converting the stack feeder to small feeder, cutting the top cover in converting to Rossi caliper and disk brake raster cup and converting stock switches to big bike switches,” narrated Sherwin.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Regnie Acebes and Crew (The Builder), Nathan Cucueco (my mentor) who helped me find the necessary parts and build the bike, and the motor shops that are always open and accommodating whenever I need them: San Andres Scooter Shop, North Vespa and Motozone MNL. I would also like to thank Nathan Cucueco’s wife Ericka Raquel Roque, Paolo Cruz, Valenzuela Vespa Owners Society, and Vespaps QC. Thank you also to the following: Emmon Enales, Renz Marlon Mateo, Ryan Dionisio, Flonel Malagar, Jay Dionisio, George Parungao, Patrick Yu, Robert Jacinto, Team Redspeed, JRT Thailand, Racewear, Isok Motorshop, Drave, Solids media, Overtake, Mugshots, Sweets and Sir Jio of All About Wheels. Thank you so much InsideRACING Magazine for this wonderful opportunity. Lastly and most especially, thank you Loranel May Malagar – my ever supportive wife – and my kids for continuously supporting and inspiring me to do my best in everything,” Sherwin expressed.

Parts and Accessories Used: • Domino quick throttle • Rossi brembo front brake lever • Koken rear brake lever • Daytona brake master & cap • Daytona end bar • Accossato grip • Kytaco switch left side • Accossato switch right side • Syp gauge • JRP seat • Zelioni footpeg • Zelioni fan cover • Zelioni oil cap • Zelioni gas tank cap • Zelioni crankcase cover knot • Remus carbon pipe • Tony pipe bracket • HD Corse rear brake arm • Copper Monkey Fan • Level 10 front & rear signal light • Level 10 tail light • Bituto front & rear shocks • Carbon rotor disk • carbon brake pad • Brembo caliper red color (Thai) • Marus CNC front hub • MK CNG wheel mags • Pirelli Diablo tires • Earls brake hose • titanium logo • titanium horn catch badge • all titanium bolts & nuts • DNC tire cap • carbon headlight ring • carbon gauge cover • carbon racing fender • carbon fork link cover • carbon center mat • carbon spark plug hatch • Sip leg trim shield • carbon center stand • Thailand sticker on both sides

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine Volume 19 Number 9 issue

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