VS1 and Mototek Class Sponsors for the Underbone Categories of Super Series

Date posted on August 24, 2021
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Consumer Care Products Inc. has been a partner of InsideRACING for years and they are the distributor of VS1 and Mototek products in the country.

This October 31, the underbone sealed and open categories of the Super Series organized by InsideRACING are supported by VS1 and Mototek. It will be another much anticipated thrilling clash of the best and up and coming underbone riders at the Carmona Race Track.

VS1 is one of the best brands created to beautify and restore vehicles’ natural look, make it shinier and fresher. On the other hand, Mototek gives your vehicle a much better performance by helping you maintain it on the cleanest possible way and lubricate its moving parts to maximize its life and performance.

2020 has been challenging and rough but it gives the best of time to conceptualize and innovate more for VS1 and Mototek.

In October 2020, VS1 launched the newest addition to their Protector lineup that prioritizes protecting the newest color and texture trend in the motorcycle and car industry which is the matte colored vehicles. The newest line extension is called the VS1 Matte Protector which can also be used in different matte surfaced rubbers, plastic vinyl, and leathers. It is an all-in-one cleaner, detailer and protectant with non-gloss finish that has a powerful formula that fights aging and cracking without altering the look of your vehicles’ expensive matte finish.

Fast forward to APRIL 2021, VS1 launched its new formulation for tire black which the all new tire black lotion that gives a natural new tire finish on cars and motorcycles. It is the perfect tire black dressing for maintaining and restoring rubber tire and plastic moldings. VS1 has now 2 variants for tire black that you can use base on your preference. It now has Tire Black Aerosol and the newest addition, the Tire Black Lotion.

As we move on and continue fighting this pandemic, VS1 recently launched their most affordable protector which is the all new VS1 Protector Water Based 300ml. it is especially developed to protect car and motorcycle surfaces from UV exposure and prevent cracking, fading, discoloration and premature aging. It is a non aerosol liquid spray that is water soluble and non greasy finish which can also be used on cars’ dashboard, consoles vinyl seats, bumpers and door panels.

VS1 has now 3 available variants: the Original Protector for glossy and shiny finish; the Matte Protector with mattifying agent for matte finish appearance; and the recently added variant, the Protector Water Based for a non greasy finish.

VS1 and MOTOTEK will continue to improve their products and release innovative products for the market to give them the best product they can use in maintaining and beautifying their vehicles and hoping that this pandemic will not last any longer by facing the new normal. For more about these products, visit www.ccpi.com.ph.

The Super Series is organized by InsideRACING and sanctioned by the Unified Sports and Racing Association for Motorcycles, Inc. (USRA).  For more details about the Super Series and registration, please contact 09453355520.

VS1 and Mototek details and photos provided by Consumer Care Products, Inc.

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