Wave 125 Ghost Rider Chopper Concept from Asbarworkz

Date posted on September 29, 2017
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With motorcycling being his passion since he was a teenager, Jessie“Pinggoy” De Los Reyes from San Jose, Batangas is the man behind this one of a kind underbone chopper concept that is inspired from the popular action film Ghost Rider.

A motorcycle enthusiast ever since, modification became a hobby after he realized that doing so gave him more and more enjoyment in appreciating the beauty of motorcycles.So he thought that what better way to enhance that beauty by putting his own personal flavor into each and every bike he modifies. Along with his brother Tokenz, they represent AsbarworkzCustombikes as one of the most recognizable motorcycle modification shops in the south. From 2007 up to the present, they have made countless bone stock motorcycles into one of a kind masterpieces. The featured bike is a Honda Wave 125 customized into a legit chopper bike. They named the bike Bungo due to the skull-inspired headlight of this motorcycle. In spite of the name, he designed it in a way that it is not that scary because he just used that term to show his creativeness and the bike’s uniqueness. Besides, how many bikes have you seen sport a skull designed headlight? Inspired by Ghost Rider, the great thing about this is that even though it would easily pass for a show bike, Pinggoy uses this as his daily bike to and from work. In an interview with InsideRACING Magazine, Pinggoy has this to say: “I would like to thank AsbarworkzCustombikes and its entire crew, specially to the people behind this masterpiece. I am very honored to have this opportunity for my modified bike to be featured in InsideRACING. My greatest gratitude to this magazine. I really appreciate it, most especially for being part of your features. More power and Godspeed! And to all the readers out there of InsideRacing Magazine, you can visit us in our Shop at Brgy. Lumil, San Jose, Batangas or add us in our Facebook account, AsbarworkzCustombikes, to see more of our project bikes. Thank you!”

Pinggoy modified his bike for his own passion and enjoyment. Seeing his bike different from others is really overwhelming for him as it gives him some sense of self-fulfillment knowing that he put his heart and soul into creating his bike. Feedback from people saying that the bike is an eye-catcher and a headturner is a confirmation that he indeed did a job well done on this one. He plans to have more exposure on his bike not only in Batangas but also in motor shows all over the country. During the IR Bikefest perhaps?

Honda Wave 125
Parts and Accessories Used:
• Honda wave 125 chassis is cut and customized to look like a chopper
• Gas tank, rear fender and skull headlight made of fiber glass
• Custom-made handlebar
• Skull headlight fitted with working signal lights and projector headlights
• Integrated rear lights
• Front suspension came from a cruiser bike
• Brakes are both controlled by left and right aftermarket hydraulic master
• Braided hose
• Front and rear disc brake fitted on stock hubs
• Aftermarket front fender
• Cylindrical casing below the seat for all harness
• Custom-made seat
• Aftermarket alloy swing arm and shock absorber
• Custom-made front shifter
• Modified 130cc engine
• Front wheel (17-inch wheel with 80/70/17 tire)
• Rear wheel (14-inch wheel with 140/70/14 tire)
• Paint job, fiber and