Weapon-X : Wolverine Yamaha Mio Show Bike by Tron Bike Works

Date posted on July 20, 2018
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Weapon-X is a fictional Canadian covert operations program that appeared in books published by Marvel Comics. The most notable former member of this covert operations unit happens to be Wolverine, one of the most popular characters in Marvel Universe.

Born James Howlett and commonly known as Logan, Wolverine is a mutant who possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities and powerful regenerative ability known as a healing factor. He has been depicted variously as a member of the X-Men, Alpha Flight, and the Avengers.
Wolverine is typical of the many tough antiheroes that emerged in American popular culture after the Vietnam War. His willingness to use deadly force and his brooding nature became standard characteristics for comic book antiheroes by the end of the 1980s. As a result, the character became a fan favorite of the increasingly popular X-Men franchise and has been featured in his own solo comic since 1988.

Just like the beloved Marvel character the bike on this feature is poised to shake things up in the bike show scene in Cebu. The man behind this bike is Mr. Rudito Tradio Gilig, the owner of Tron Bike Works. Tron Bike Works specializes in show bike building but what makes them stand out is their unparalleled pedigree in automotive electronics which they have taken to a whole new level. Mr. Rudito traces his humble beginnings as an electronic technician working for a big company but little did he know that a request to install lighting for his friend’s motorcycle would be the start of something special. His friend started to post his works in Facebook and to his surprise many riders admired his works and were fascinated. From there Tron Bike Works was born and it has been growing ever since. They now offer a wider range of services such as custom light work, custom electronics work for cars and motorcycles, motorcycle modifications/ customizations, parts and accessories.
The bike sports a Wolverine (The Weapon-X) theme. They also emphasized Tron Bike because the signature lighting modification by the team is inspired by the movie Tron. Remember those VR Bikes from the movie with their wheels of light, this team has found a way to do it. Tron Bike Works is the only shop in Cebu that can light up the wheel and keep it lighted even if the bike is running even at top speed. They have come up with innovative ways to transmit stable electrical power to a rotating wheel.
The airbrush art was done by Cocoi Franco Jagape, one of the most sought after airbrush artists from Cebu. All the custom light work and electronic work were done by Tron Bike Works headed by Mr. Rudito himself. The Team at Tron Bike Works installed Option 1 exhaust heat shield, QZR seat, Racing Boy rear shocks, Racing Boy brake levers, MTRT engine upgrades, Bikers step bar, Bikers lever protectors, KTech front shocks, Panom axle sliders and other THDM goodies.

“I am proud to say that we have made this scooter truly unique as I have developed a technique to continuously transmit stable electrical power from the battery across a rotating rim, allowing us to install LED lights on rims/mags even if it is in rotating motion. It took a lot of time and effort to develop it initially but we have perfected it and now we provide this modification to our customers,” Mr. Rudito reiterated during an interview when we asked him about Tron Bike Works signature modification (The Tron Rim Lights).
“I would like to thank Airbrush Master Cocoi Franco Jagape, my crew at Tron Bike Works, Christopher John Patalinghug, Julius Limotan and InsideRacing Magazine for this opportunity,” Mr. Rudito added.

Yamaha Mio
Parts and Accessories Used:
• Options 1 exhaust pipe heat shield
• QZR Noiwatdan replica seat
• Arrow brake fluid hose
• Bikers brake caliper guard
• Panom axle sliders
• Racing Boy rear shocks
• MTRT engine upgrades
• Option 1 side mirrors
• Racing Boy brake levers
• Sum Racing disk rotor
• FDR tires
• Bikers step bar
• Bikers lever protectors
• Sum Racing hand grips
• Custom lighting by Tron Bike Works
• Custom electronic security system by Tron Bike Works
• Custom airbrush by Cocoi Jagape
• KTech front outertube with canister
• DK hose guides