What Masato did 7 days after a big crash!

Date posted on September 9, 2018
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Yamaha GP9 Finals Official Results

Sept 9, 2018
Palawan International Circuit
Sanctioned by USRA

All Female class

Heat 1
1.Justinne Bethany Tolentino of Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito
2. Erika Ondillo
3. Jannesse Llois Lucero.

Heat 2
1. Justinne Bethany Tolentino
2. Erika Ondillo
3. Alicia Jaine Ortega

Champ- Justine Bethany Tolentino (50pts)
2.Erica Ondillo (40pts)
3. Alicia Ortega (29pts)

Dealer Cup

Heat 1
1.Ephraim Onahon of Rhean Marketing
2. Dan Carlos
3. JE Inguito .

1. John Paul Lantape of Motorace
2 Macdon Sande
3.Bornok Mangosong.

Heat 2
1. Ephraim Onahon
2. Dan Carlos
3. Ernie Daguio Jr.

1. John Paul Lantape
2. Bornok Mangosong
3. Travis Baroja

1.John Paul Lantape (62.5) Motorace
2.Bornok Mangosong (45pts) of Rhean Marketing
3.Mcdon Dave Sande (38:75pts) of LYR Motorhub

1.Ephraim Onahon (62.5) Rhean Marketing
2.Durraine Dan Carlos (50pts) LYR Motorhub
3.Ernie Daguio (36.25pts) of DHCI Cyclhaus




Sniper One Make

Heat 1
1.Vrei-ar Suba of Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito.
2. Dan Carlos
3. Romer Corbe

Heat 2
1. Vrei-ar Suba of Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-
2 .Dan Carlos wm
3. Romer Corbe

Champ : Vrei Ar Suba 50pts
1st : Dan Carlos 40pts
2nd : Romer Corbe 32pts

YGP 150 UB Open Championship

Heat 1.
1. JE Inguito wins 4S1M-Yamaha’s
2. Masato Fernando of Yamaha-Spec V
3. McKinley Kyle Paz of Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito

Heat 2
1. John Emerson Inguito – 4S1M-Yamaha
2. Masato Fernando – Yamaha-Spec V
3. McKinley Kyle Paz – Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO- Faito


Overall Palawan Leg
Champ: J.E. Inguito 62.5
1st: Masato Fernando 50pts
2nd: Mckinley Kyle Paz 40pts


Season Championship (Overall)
Masato Fernando: 188pts (1st)
John Emerson Inguito 170.5pts (2nd)
Mckinley Kyle Paz 131pts (3rd)
Bornok Mangosong 127.5pts 4th
Garry Caneda 85.25pts 5th

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