Wheeltek gets the only Ducati Superleggera V4 in The Philippines!

Date posted on July 23, 2021
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First unveiled in February this year, the Superleggera V4 is the most powerful production bike that has ever rolled out of Borgo, Panigale. Only 500 units are built and one has just found its way to our shores.


The #315/500 model was presented today by Ducati Philippines’ President and CEO Mr. Toti Alberto to its owner, Mr. Roscoe Odulio, at the Blue Leaf Pavilion in Mckinley Hill, Taguig City. An avid bike enthusiast, Mr. Roscoe Odulio is the VP for Sales and Marketing of Wheeltek Motor Sales Corp. and is also a EuroMonkey member. He is also one of the most prolific modern bike collectors in the country, the V4 SL will add to his growing collection.

In front of invited media, motovloggers and influencers, Mr. Alberto personally unveiled and explained every details why the bike costing more than Php7.5M is so special. “This bike contains so many handbuilt racing parts made of carbon fiber, titanium and magnesium that are used in the SBK race bikes,” he said.

Befitting its ‘Super Light’ moniker, the Superleggera V4 is the only street-legal motorcycle to use composite material for the construction of its frame, subframe, swingarm and wheels. This, combined with other weight loss regimes, results in a dry weight of just 159 kg, 16 kg less than the Panigale V4.
The Superleggera V4 boasts 224 hp and 118 Nm of torque, giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 1.41 hp/kg. A Racing kit adds another 10 hp and shaves off a further 6.8 kg from its weight. This in turn increases the power-to-weight ratio to a mind-bending 1.54 hp/kg.

Ducati Philippines


Ducati Philippines unveiled the superlative Superleggera V4 – priced at Php 8M – in Blue Leaf Events Pavilion, Mckinley Hill,Taguig City. The occasion was made even more special as the first ever Superleggera V4 in the Philippines was turned over to its esteemed owner – Roscoe Odulio. As it stands, he is the only gentleman in the Philippines to own the incredible creation from Borgo, Panigale.

The term Superleggera means “Super Light” and has been used by Ducati in past products that have already surpassed many technical and performance barriers. The Superleggera V4 is the world’s only street-legal motorcycle with the entire load-bearing structure of the chassis (frame, subframe, swingarm and wheels) made from composite material, achieving a 6.7 kg reduction in weight thanks to these components. To ensure the highest quality and safety standards, these components are 100% tested using the most sophisticated techniques borrowed from the aerospace industry, such as thermography, ultrasound inspections and tomography.

Thanks to an extensive use of carbon fibre, titanium and parts machined from solid aluminium components, the Superleggera V4 has a dry weight of just 159 kg, 16 kg less than the Panigale V4, resulting in a power-to-weight ratio of 1.41 hp /kg (a record-breaking figure for a road legal sports bike). Mounting the Racing kit modifies the bike to its track configuration, boosting power to 234 hp while also dropping the weight to 152.2 kg and thereby raising the power/weight ratio to 1.54 hp /kg.

Other equipment items unique to the Superleggera V4 include a lightened Öhlins suspension system with pressurised fork and a Brembo braking system with Stylema® R callipers. These chassis components are united with the latest generation electronics package that includes EVO 2 strategies for the DTC and DQS up/down.

The exclusivity of the materials and technical solutions is reflected in the limited number of bikes which will ever be produced: just 500, all individually numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity. The bike ID number (210/500), which matches the VIN, is displayed on the frame, fork yoke and ignition key.

Available only on the Superleggera V4 is also a special engine calibration for the Akrapovič racing exhaust. This gives riders access to a RaceGP display mode intended exclusively for track use which is a direct offshoot of the instrument panel on the Desmosedici GP 20.

With the Superleggera V4, Ducati pushes the limits further than ever. The technical expertise and knowledge developed and continuously evolved in MotoGP is made available to enthusiasts of engineering and performance on two wheels.

Marco Biondi, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Ducati Asia Pacific: “The Superleggera V4 is one of the most exclusive motorcycles in the world, with only 500 units being produced. Redefining the definition of the term “superbike”, it offers unmatched technology in a limited edition targeting the true connoisseur. We are very proud to deliver the first Superleggera in the Philippines, a market with an immense love for Ducati and its products.”

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