Will this new Bill by Sen. Pacquiao Protect the Riding Riding Community? 

Date posted on June 2, 2021
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Last June 1, 2021, The Senate of the Philippines Office of the secretary recieved a copy of a bill by Senator Manny Pacquiao titled as the “Motorcycle Rights And Safety Act of 2021″ or S.B. No. 2263.

It was stated that the policy of the bill is for the State to recognize, protect and promote the rights of motorcycle owners and users to proper standard of ownership and use, safe operation and for us riders  and owners to have a reasonable regulations.

The bill also tackles what parts and components of a motorcycle shall be considered as essential or standard and what other parts and components can be considered as accesories. It is also written in the bill that LTO (Land Transportation Office) will and might have consultation with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to be able to set a standard with regards to components and parts.

Mentioned also in the bill is only one (1) back-rider is allowed provided with appropriate space and foot rests as well as LTO creating or developing a safety program to identify and address concerns regarding motorcycle safety.

Clearly, this eight (8) page bill was drafted by Sen. Paquiao with good intent and for the benefit and safety of the motorcycle riding community as it contains timely and subsequent topics and dilemma of riders and motorcycle owners with regards to current issues and matters.

Here’s a copy of the full bill itself. Please be aware that this is only a Draft Bill and subject to revisions one the reading has started.

Source:   Senate of the Philippines website, Photo from PNA

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