Will you buy a Kawasaki Z650 RS Retro bike?

Date posted on September 3, 2020
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Rumors from the internet suggests that a new retro-styled motorcycle from Kawasaki dubbed the Z650 RS could be developed for 2021.

The source of the rumor is a Japanese magazine Young Machine which produced a computer-generated image of how the new machine could look like. Basically, it is a Kawasaki Z650 paralled twin with the styling elements adapted from the successful Z900 RS.

Kawasaki Z650
Kawasaki Z900RS

Of course this is just a rumor with no official announcement from Kawasaki.
But judging from the affordability of the Thai-made Z650 and the huge popularity of retro bikes all over the globe, it will be an easy decision for Kawasaki to go ahead and produce this bike.

We think it will sell well here in the Philippines where currently, the only affordable Japanese middleweight retro bike is the SV650.

It will also be a great purchase for mature Kawasaki fans who want a second bike with retro styling but do not want to have to fork up the cost of the Z900RS.

The size, power and handling of the Z650 also makes it ideal for non-aggressive or leisure riders.

What do you think?

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