Yamaha Beyond Campus

Date posted on December 7, 2020
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Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. has been conducting its Campus Tour for years now and has reached various Universities in the country. The theme would shift every season, but the main objective remained the same; to continue exhilarating passion and enrich lives in the Philippines.

The Pandemic presented a challenge to every industry. And with the brand, how will it continue its mission during such unprecedented times? The answer has always been moving forward. The products represent not just quality transportation but a vessel of motion. Continuing towards a goal no matter the challenge in pursuit to overcome every challenge. This was the message that must be told to every student.

When school doors closed, Yamaha opened another gateway for students to keep moving forward during the new normal.

The 2020 edition of the campus tour is now fully digital with students having access to the program ‘Yamaha Beyond Campus’ on their University Facebook page and watch during the livestream with a watch party hosted on the Yamaha Facebook page. The presentation focused on mental health and its importance during a time of crisis. The level of pressure and isolation for students are at its peak as they navigate in this new experience. Some have a tougher time than others and benefit greatly from professional guidance from health experts. It is also alleviating to hear from their fellow students and favorite celebrities who are dealing with the same problems during this time. The message of overcoming that challenge and continuing to move forward has never been stronger.

Hands-on experience progressed to digital learning.

Yamaha Beyond Campus has been conducted in the National University and the University of the East. This program will continue through its digital platform so more students are encouraged to keep moving forward no matter the obstacle, Yamaha will continue to exhilarate and enrich in every way possible while evolving during the new normal.

Health both in mind and body. A movement for an era of uncertainty.

credit: Yamaha Motor Philippines

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