Yamaha Chappy Endurance Ride Experience

Date posted on January 9, 2021
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I am Jon Cruz and at an early age, I have always been fascinated with small bikes. I’m grateful to have a Yamaha Chappy as my first. I have developed a strong bond with my small buddy who’s been with me all these years.

The version of the unit that I have is a 1979 LB80 that my brother acquired around early 80’s which he then was later passed on to me.

Yamaha has already stopped producing these kinds of unit during the early 80’s. However, a rare Chappy 4-speed type LB80 has been added to my collection in the past 2 years. I have never really tested how far it can go until recently when after a much thought of decision, I have agreed to join what I call a milestone in Yamaha Chappy history, the recently held Quezon City Endurance Challenge V2.

I started preparing for the event as early as December 2019, gathering and adding key parts as required by the organizers of the event. I have done several test runs to ensure safety and toughness. I had mixed emotions during the time I signed up for the event. I was skeptical of the decision as I have the smallest motorcycle, vintage, lower cc and to specifically mention, I am a newbie in endurance ride. I was fully persuaded by my good friend Sir Rio Alloso who also participated in the event and rode with me side by side.


Joining the endurance ride was a defining moment for all Yamaha Chappy owners as I have proven what this small but powerful motorcycle can do. We conquered 650 kilometers and ran continuously for about 17 hours with only key stops on specific checkpoints. It was an amazing experience as whenever I approach each checkpoint, my motorcycle never failed to amaze people from all walks of life. I’ve never been prouder. You can check out my entire experience by visiting my channel Jon’s Chappy Adventure.

Special thanks to the admin and members of Yamaha Chappy Club, also to all people who cheered during our takeoff as it really boosted my confidence. Thank you to the people who took amazing pictures and videos during the event specially to Kamote Nation who took one epic picture which captured everyone’s heart. Please visit their YouTube Channel :Ang Jino Moto. Lastly,  to all organizers who believed and challenged me to get my motorcycle to the finish line, sincerest thanks to all of you.

I may not have finished the event in its intended time (as we have arrived 30 minutes after cutoff), but the entire ride experience was one that would last me a lifetime.

photos provided by Jon Cruz

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine’s 2020 Volume 18 Number 4 issue