Yamaha Club: 11 Years of Riding Passion and Still Counting

Date posted on January 7, 2022
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What makes a good friendship? Is it about how long have you known each other? Or is it about how many times you spent time together? A good friendship can be subjective in one’s definition. Every group has its own meaning of what a true bond is. In Yamaha, there is a brotherhood that has been going on since 2010 – the Yamaha Club. This organization aims to connect every Yamaha motorcycle enthusiast from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to share the same fondness for motorcycle riding.

Media and vloggers celebrated the 11th anniversary of YClub with a fun ride to Jariel’s Peak and then to Tagaytay last December 18 starting off at the Yamaha YZone.

In December 2021, YClub celebrated its 11th year from its founding by creating an exclusive Facebook group for all the members. In this avenue, challenges and games were made for everyone to enjoy the month-long celebration. The feeling of belongingness despite the distance was Yamaha’s purpose of making the celebration all-digital. Hosted by Patricia Reyes and DJ Ricompanero, the LIVE program was broadcasted on the FB group where virtual games and interaction took place.

Yamaha Motor Philippines’ Mr. Neil Hindang briefing the media and vloggers for the ride.

Mr. Shinsuke Iida, Yamaha Motor Philippines’ Department Manager for Marketing Operations

 The highlight of the program was when the YClub members showed how passionate they were about riding their own Yamaha Motorcycle. Despite an evident distance and restrictions mandated across the country, the members managed to ride on their own completing the 11-destination checklist nationwide. These destinations represent the stories of every Filipino rider who enjoys exploring and building a connection with others.

Mr. Toni Boi Acuesta, Marketing Assistant Section Manager of Marketing Operations of Yamaha Motor Philippines, giving a message during the program at the Taal Vista Hotel.

Yamaha Motor Philippines’ Mr. John Hanzel Leyva

Patricia Reyes and DJ Ricompanero

Ella Cruz

  The 11 years of friendship have gone through a lot of challenges but YClub made it possible to celebrate a milestone amidst the country’s situation. That’s the essence of having a good friendship in the first place, no matter what happens, you ride together to share the road responsibly and make the strong riding passion within reach by everyone wherever they are in the Philippines. The YClub has come a long way and the years of camaraderie are still counting. Yamaha is looking forward to have another story to tell and places to discover together with you next year.

The event is sponsored by KOBY and Motoworld.

credit: Yamaha Motor Philippines

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