Yamaha Conducts Safe Riding Webinar

Date posted on September 17, 2020
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Yamaha continues to do their advocacy in safe riding even though there is a pandemic. In these trying times,  it is again  proven that using motorcycles is very essential for transportation and livelihood.

Through their Yamaha Riding Academy webinar, Yamaha Motor Philippines is still able to educate soon to be riders and even the experienced ones about safe riding.

Last August, the manufacturer conducted their first webinar with Asurion Techlog Center Philippines and then with some Yamaha Club groups. On September 17, the media edition of the webinar was held. 

Yamaha Motor Philippines’ Ms. Jenifer Perey
Yamaha Riding Academy instructors Mr. Neil Hindang (right) and Mr. Demetrio Guevarra (left) discussed the different safe riding topics during the webinar.

The Yamaha Riding Academy webinar is free. Yamaha Motor Philippines will soon open this Webinar to the public this month. Watch out for Yamaha’s online announcement regarding this.

Since 2008, the Yamaha Riding Academy aims to reduce motorcycle accidents by teaching safe riding. It is one of the CSR activities of Yamaha Motor Philippines. The program has been held in different parts of the country for motorcycle dealers, various companies, government agencies and schools and universities.

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