Yamaha Day Celebrated in the Philippines

Date posted on July 2, 2021
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Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. commemorated Yamaha day which is a global celebration for the company. The theme for this year is “Striving for Greater Happiness”.

This concept comes from the long-term vision of Yamaha Motor, which is “ART for human possibilities”. It is a commitment to expanding human possibilities by leveraging a variety of cultivated technologies. ART stands for Advanced Robotics, Rethinking Solution, and Transforming Mobility. Under this slogan, Yamaha motor will accelerate innovation, which it believes will contribute to greater happiness of human beings.

It is exactly what Yamaha has been doing in the Philippines. They introduced the AT models to the market, innovated plenty of features, and this year Yamaha became the first motorcycle manufacturer to introduce the motorcycle connectivity in the market with Y-Connect. These actions have contributed to expanding the possibilities of customers and enrich their lives.

Moving forward, under the long-term vision, Yamaha will continue to make people as happy as they can be, to provide a more convenient and more comfortable lives, and to contribute to resolving issues surrounding the globe and society. It is what this company has been doing throughout its history and towards the future.

The 2021 Yamaha day celebration is a reminder that ‘striving for greater happiness’ is Yamaha’s everlasting goal. No doubt, they will continue to dedicate themselves in providing outstanding products and service that is fueled by passion for the future filled with greater happiness.

words by Yamaha Motor Philippines

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